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moving with yourself

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I had an idea for a game do following :

You start on one position on a board and move your figure[1] with cards showing arrows and nubers with distance you lay down on a pile. When you enter a "warp gate" your figure will be set back to start, the pile will then be turned around and you get a new figure[2] on a other position. By turning one card up from the pile for the last figure[1] every turn, this one will move the same way you started, the figure[2] is now able to interact with figure[1] by using cards with arrows again on its own pile. Using "warp gate 2" you can add a third figure[3]. You time travel and interact with the past.....

I liked the idea and tried out 2 or 3 setups but somehow couldnĀ“t figure out a game that was nice to play. I tried to use special cards with "freezing" one figure for a round and some other things.

What do you think ? I need some inspiration on this one...


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