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Multi-way conflict resolution

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Can anyone point me to some abstract strategy boardgames that resolve multi-way conflicts without breaking it down into separate two-way conflicts? For example, a game where three players can make moves that place their pieces in one square and the conflict resolution handles that in one go?

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Just so happens, I have (been

Just so happens, I have (been working on) a 3(+) way strategy board game.

"If you think about it. I have divided the 3 way in a simultaneously 3 times 2 way."
That is the best way to approach this... I think.

This is how I do things.
It is the most complex situation in my game. And all 3 players need to keep track of what happens and when. Luckily events are grouped. And the one play test has shown that it is doable.

The main rule is. There can only be 2 regions in conflict. However, each region can contain 1 to 3 players. The attacking player pays the first action. Defending players can decide if they pay an action or not. If not, they take the hit without doing anything.

When 2 players (enemies of each other) happen to be in the same region. And a third player attacks that region.
That third player can decide to attack both players by dividing his projectiles over the 2 forces.
Each of those players can decide to return fire.
If they both decide to return fire then: This happens simultaneously if they decide to do so.
It does go slower then regular battle because players need fairness. Thus...

Their damages are simply added up against the third player. However, if player A does 3 and player B does 5. The damages are placed simultaneously. Each place 1 damage, there is still a choice here. But if placed on the same unit and this unit dies, the XP is shared. Each place another damage, again the XP is shared if needed. Once 2 times 3 damage is placed. The last 2 are of course entirely from player B. And XP gained is entirely for player B.

The third placer can place his projectiles wherever he wants. Player A or player B.
Now, if this situation occurs. Player A and B can attack each other as well at that time. It is a bonus rule for that situation. Since they are both paying an action. And it is the same region they are standing in. If player A and B are also standing in the region of the third player. Then those units may not fight, they observe. Unless player A decided to place a hit on player B in that region or visa versa. Then they get the right to pay an action and defend. But then they can attack one of the 2 regions as well. Thus any player anywhere.

The third player who caused all this has always the right to attack the two regions. While spending only 1 action. If he/she happens to stand in the other region. That army is only allowed to meddle once they are attacked upon. Only then the third player has to pay 2 actions as well.

It is still very complex. So I need to draw examples for my manual regarding this. And it happens rarely. This is also the only situation when it is the turn of a player and that player wants to play 2 actions without the use of Event Cards.

Only 2 regions are in conflict.
The attacking players right to pay an action is for attacking.
If another player wants to take actions in a region. It costs 1 action each region. And has to get the right for it. Maximum is 2 actions of course.
Each region can have any number of players.
Projectiles fly. Wherever, as long as it is in those 2 regions.
Units die afterwards.
XP is gained during but divided on the remaining units afterwards.

"If you think about it. I have divided the 3 way in a simultaneously 3 times 2 way."
That is the best way to approach this... I think.

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Depends on the focus and

Depends on the focus and complexity of combat units and how important specific control is. Avalon Hill's Civilization has an elegant mechanic. All units have the same basic value, but a region can only contain so many units. Everyone loses a unit until they match or fall below the region's limit. There is an improvement that allows a player to be the last to remove a unit in each test.

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