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multiple goals

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I'm creating a game where players have mini goals in the board game. To out it plainly, the more goals completed, the winner. I'm trying to vary my goals so it's not the just "go from A to B" and i'm looking for a more ideas of goals. The board is a map and players can move throughout with relitive ease. The map has places, some unique others places are frequent throughout. There are cards involved: some with the goals, others to help/hurt each player, and other cards to experience combat against. There is also 1 6-sided die.
Here's a list of goals I have:

Go to location and beat enemy
Go to location roll die for success
First player to location
Go to location within # of turns
Choose one location or another

As you can see,they still require just getting to a certain spot and i want a little more depth and variety to the game.

Aside from different combinations between the goals can anyone help me think of other ideas?

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Focus on individual variants, then on combined variants...

You have several components in the game - a board, cards, a die, and pawns. Your components represent metaphysical aspects of your game world. You're trying to think of goals that involve manipulating these components into various configurations. Right now, all of your goals focus on the locations. What happens if you broaden your goals to include other components of the game?

* Lose three combats.
* Win six combats.
* Visit every (location type) location.
* Roll every number on the die.
* Land in each player's space.
* Complete three goals, not including this one.
* Have exactly five cards in hand at the end of a turn.
* Play five cards that "hurt" another player.
* Play three cards that "help" another player.
* Give away ten cards.
* Go to (unique location) and discard five cards.
* Give a completed goal card to another player in your space.
* Give all of your cards (at least 5) to another player in your space.

I suspect that you have many untapped options available to you. I hope your game turns out the way you want it to.

Best regards,

Jonathan L.

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Think about mission-based

Think about mission-based video games and the various tasks they send you on. Many are "delivery-boy" jobs, but some are more interesting. Here are three tried and true mission archetypes:

Track down a target and defeat it
- This might involve a McGuffin pawn or token that moves and engages in combat according to a simple algorithm
- Or it might be another player
- Or the card might specify the target's location
- Or it might be at one of several locations, as determined by a die roll
- Or the target might have a set path, and the players are expected to set up an ambush before it reaches its destination

Protect something as it travels from point A to B
- Again, a McGuffin pawn or token
- Or perhaps no pawn is needed, as it's assumed that the player is escorting the McGuffin until the completion of the mission, or the injury/death of the player
- Or the attackers are the other players, and if they can take out the original player, they become the "bodyguard"

Protect a location under attack until a timer runs out (either reinforcements arrive or the enemy gives up/runs out of dudes)
- Again, an algorithm governing the attacking forces might be helpful
- Or the attacking forces might be all the other players (you'd need to give the defender a way to even the odds)

These are just off the top of my head, but a bit of research into walkthroughs for Call of Duty, the various Grand Theft Autos, RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic and Fallout, and other mission-based games should be helpful in terms of more specific inspiration.

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I was thinking about

I was thinking about enemy/ally tokens, and I think it's applicable for this game. I'm just trying to keep the game from getting too complicated. The suggestions you guys gave me got my mind moving, and now i have over a page of goals. Thanks. I'm open to more ideas if anyone has them.

Callan S.
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Hi, Well, you could go into


Well, you could go into the moral dimension - you have a goal which is completed by doing one of two game moves, either of which has moral questions associated with its descriptive texts.

Otherwise it always breaks down to a fed ex sort of quest thing, because even when it's morally questionable, it's just a fed ex quest. If there is no questionable aspect, then it's naked fed ex.

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