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Is my Games' combination of mechanics original?

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So my game I made has this mix of mechanics that I'm hoping hasn't been done before. I've searched through bgg but haven't found any games similar.

The three mechanics are: Worker Placement, Area Control and Rock Paper Scissors.
How this combo works: The 3 colors of workers (red, green, blue) are placed in areas and the Rock Paper Scissors determines what color controls the area and wins.

Does anyone know of any game where this has been done before?

let-off studios
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If you're concerned about it, some research ought to do you good. Start here: a listing of all games on BGG that have something to do with Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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I haven't heard of a game

I haven't heard of a game using this combination of mechanisms.

That being said, there are tons of different ways to approach it, so even if similar game did exist, it shouldn't stop you from designing yours.

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Ok cool. Yeah I've basically

Ok cool. Yeah I've basically made my whole game already I'm just polishing everything out and making sure I'm not copying any game. Thanks for the feedback.

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Doesn't matter, does it?

Another response might be "who cares?" (other than you)? In the end, what matters is how the game affects the players, and whether they enjoy it.

Combinations are certainly more likely to be "innovative" than pure innovation can be. My latest column for ENWorld (admittedly, about RPGs) discusses this:

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