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Need help with post-battle mechanics on allied troops fatalities

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Hey guys,
So I posted a mechanic question on BGDF not too long ago and got quite a few great ideas. We are now working on a more specific problem: cooperative mechanics.

So multiple players can ally together and send multiple armies into war. Right now with solo fights, at the end of the battle a player loses X number of troops. If there are many players involved, the total troops lost by all players is Y number of troops, but we don't know how many fatalities each player gets out of Y.
For example: after a battle if there are 3 players allied together and the total fatality count is 10, how do we determine how many fatalities EACH player gets?

Initial idea was the person who is leading the battle loses the least (they end up with 4 and the other two lose 3). Another idea is whichever player went into battle with more troops comes out with more living troops in the end. What are your suggestions?

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Let the enemy decide. Or is

Let the enemy decide. Or is the enemy an AI?

In that case, if you want to even out the odds as much as possible. I suggest that you simply use a dice roll to determine who looses the 4th soldier.

The lowest roll looses the soldier.
With 3 players losing 11 in total. There will be 2 players that loose an extra soldier. In that case, the 2 lowest dice roll will loose that last soldier.

In case of a tied roll, simply re roll.

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Hey X3M - Awesome thats a

Hey X3M - Awesome thats a good suggestion. Yeah, enemy is AI. We will likely do something along those lines, or maybe round down if there is someone with more to encourage working together. Thanks!

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Is there an element of

Is there an element of leadership or commander type unit in the game? One way would be to make the best commander come through with the least casualties.

I think that your initial idea is kinda backwards. The helper players should lose the least so there's a greater incentive to help each other.

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