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Need help with Rules / Mechanics

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Hello again guys. Thanks again for all your help with RED. I'll still be posting in the other thread as I update character art. Making this thread to keep the two issues separate.

One slight tangent!

Originally RED was a table top wargame, with the rulers and everything. Having to measure everything didn't turn out very well, so that's when the game went more towards a traditional tactics game. There used to be a few other stats in there too. For example Magic Attack and Magic Shield were removed because they bogged down combat with two types of damages. Mana didn't use to regenerate on your next turn either. Originally every character had a Regen stat which told you how much Mana or HP you got back at the start of each turn. Mages couldn't really do their thing every turn because they ended up blowing their load on one combo. That made the game a lot slower that was knicked.

TL;DR: My point being all those changes were made based on comments I read on these forums. Most were direct critiques, others were ideas I got from reading around. I feel like the rules right now are pretty solid because of it. My issue is how well I can convey information! The links below are to the two rule books and character cards. I'm focusing on the RULES a lot more in this thread than the CHARACTERS but if you want to give that a look it's there.

Core Rules

Match Type - 9 Lives


The actual rules are 6-9 pages long, made out to be 13 pages with picture examples. If you do read it over please let me know if after reading you think you could: play this game , and teach it to someone easily. Download each PDF for it's full resolution.

Thanks again, 3

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definitely going to be perusing this

I've added this to my list of reading materials, and will definitely get to it soon. I really enjoy your vision for this game and definitely would like to see you make it a reality!

Emil Rudvi
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CanĀ“t see the documents.

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Im not a fan of wargames,

Im not a fan of wargames, instead I prefer a abstract game with simpler rules and information to see ahead for strategies and tactics.

So I would change the game into something closer to chess, arimaa or hive and, in the way, I would keep as many actions types and relationships as I can (in my vision of perfect game the relationshis and effects of a game must come from the geometry/drawing of the pieces and relative positions on the board).

This is my vision for games, maybe you dont like it, its ok. But I says this to you cause I think you can take some ideas or thoughts from here or perspective.

The point is that if you have a lot of numbers and track of some number (as mana deployment) you are building a very complex game that can cloud the strategy or tactic side of the game.

I hope my opinion must be helpful, I dont know if it is so critic or disappointing.

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Some stuff

Van and Sally look a bit to much like each other, especially on the board where only the faces are shown. Maybe giving Sally something for in her hair (ears).

The rules are simple enough. Unless you are planning on letting kids <12 Year to play. Perhaps adding a small learning curve. All at once is a bit to much to take in.

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I stopped reading ...

I stopped reading after the line saying it was as tactical as Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon.
Sorry, but children oriented Money sinks where the only strategy basically is "pay to win" are not tactical.
Also, comparing your game to those two might be a turn off for some (as it is for me).

Refering to X3M's comment: If you mention Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon, you should definetly make your game understandable for <12 year old Kids..

Kind regards,

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