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need help with victory condition ideas

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Hello, I am developing a zombie themed card and dice game see thread "another zombie game... Really?!?" In game idea section.. what I am looking for is victory condition/resolution ideas based on areas where they occur. The game has a lot of chance involved and I would like victory conditions to follow in some regards..

The way it is now is that we have a 45 card deck of area/event/victory. Split up the deck contains 15 event cards, 20 area cards that don't trigger victory, and 10 area cards that do trigger victory.. how this deck will work is at the beginning of game the 20 *plain* area cards will be shuffled and 3 of them set aside w/o revealing them. Then the *victory* areas, *plain* areas and events will all get shuffled and placed beneath the 3 *plain* areas set aside giving a random chance after 3 areas have been explored to trigger events and victories.

I would like some victories to be group/coop focused, some semi group focused like maybe alliances built between players and then some solo focused giving that *every man for himself* feeling..

I will give a few example victory cards until I can get home and to the game because I cannot remember all the areas off the top of my head..
1 docks/boat victory, I see this one as semi-coop whoever has key may choose who they may take on boat (maybe secretly rolling a dice AMD bringing amount shown)
2 hospital, I see this as either solo (race to find cure first, or coop, survive long enough until the vial containing cure is found
3 museum, I honestly have no idea with this one, my partner made this a victory area lol.
4 subway, I see this as a coop/semi coop with zombie spawns getting negative as you get farthur away from city, and when no more zombies are spawned you win..

These are a few examples I would like a unique backstory to each victory along with some variation, any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you!


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The idea that comes to mind

The idea that comes to mind when reading your article is a two part victory system.

1) Small, individual missions that vary in victory point value. Thematically, in a survival situation, everyone is "on their own, which you can use to establish an individual winner. Such smaller missions could be: Kill X zombies, get the car to start, obtain a firearm, build a barricade, build a bow/arrows, survive the night, etc. The player can search different areas for items and/or trade items with fellow players for their missions. Of course the player will need to have these missions on hand in order to obtain the victory points. You can categorize the missions by location which will help with what I explain below.

2) Victory point threshold. While everyone is on their own missions (which can include co-op missions), you can create a threshold so that collectively if everyone's victory points pass a certain number (with a restriction like "at the end of the third day" to create some urgency), you win the game.

With this system, there will be some missions that may not be completed. In this case, you can create a separate book/addendum that spells out what happened because those missions were not completed (each mission will need to be labeled by number). In addition, you can create different stories depending on how many victory points you acquired while in a certain location (remember categorizing the missions?)

For example: The mall has 50 victory points possible, but only 15 were claimed during play. Because the number of victory points fell between 1-20, the text would read: The mall was ovverrun with zombies, every survivor died.

(you could embellish it if you wanted)

I apologize if this is confusing or if it's not what you are looking for, but this is what I came up with. Take it or leave it, this was a fun exercise for me :)

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