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Need new effects for faction cards

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What im trying to acomplish is i want all my faction cards (world cards) to have a different play style from other planet cards

I have the basic premise and here is my old planet effects

Elendrall - Select 1 of your monster in play on your turn, if that monster has remained in play for 4 turns kill that monster and kill all enemy monsters in play. Only 1 monster can benefit from this effect at a time.

Borroka - Before attacking, the enemy must target a melee monster before targeting a ranged monster.

Arusite - Your monsters cannot be slain by an attack

Vilonvi - Once per turn on your turn only, roll a die. If the results are 1 and 3 revive your last slained monster. if the results are 5 and 6 kill one enemy monster.

Undeos - When your monster is killed by the enemy, you can revive that monster once.

Orbling - When your monster kills the enemy monster, you can play 1 orbling monster from your hand without cost.

Techenence - Once per turn flip a coin, if tails, nothing happens, if heads, all Techenence attacker monsters can attack twice per turn.

Mazaric - Once per turn on your turn only, search your deck for 2 attachment cards and add them to your hand.

Royal Palace - When you have 5 different Royal 9 monsters in play, you win the game.

Some effects ill be keeping and some i have changed and will change the wording to make more sense. So ill give a brief introduction of what these planets do and how they are related to the monsters

The planet cards are the players life points which if it gets attacked 3 times that player loses, thats why you need attackers defenders and supporters which are unique to that certain planet which will help defend your planet. The planet also has a special effect that makes your gameplay unique each time you play when you play with different planet decks

Elendrall is the elemental planet which means all monsters are of an element type such as fire, water, earth and air

The old effect does not fit well with the other planet cards and it just doesn't really seemed unique enough

So this is one of the planet cards i couldn't come up with a unique effect

Borroka i want to change that planets name but cant think of any name that will suit the monsters

The effect i will be keeping as i like it, which makes your opponent target the melee monsters first before targeting the range monsters

Arusite is a parasite planet with unique monsters and they cannot be killed by combat and only can only die by card effects

Vilonvi. I do not like the effect at all and needs change, the monsters represent dark and light so it has light monsters such as angels and dark monsters such as demons and stuff, I was thinking of having it as a fusion planet, kind of what my old game was about, fuse 1 light and 1 dark monster to form a stronger hybrid monster that is both light and dark

Undeos is the undead planet which i might change the planet name as it sounds like undies
I had this planet use a one time revive for all monsters that die, so that monster can only be revived once per game but i probably want to make it stronger such as the undead monster will always revive when they are killed but maybe make it little less power by adding a cooldown or have it revive at certain turns

Orblings are little orb like creature, i want them to have weak stats but are able to easily play them so far i just have every time one of them kills an enemy i can summon another monster. Maybe i can improve in that

Techenence planet is a planet full of robots and technology monsters i am changing its effect since it doesn't seem as strong enough as the others so ill probably make an upgrade system, like if i use a certain card on my monster that is on the field, i can then search my deck or have a separate deck for upgraded monsters that can only be played by replacing my base monster with a more powerful version of that monster

Mazaric is the planet full of wizards, and spell casters and the previous effect isn't on par with the other planets now and i dont know what effect it should have

Royal Palace is the strongest planet with the strongest monsters i want it to be a broken strong planet by having 5 certain monsters on the field at once, though those monsters require the most stars to summon, each of them require 5 stars to summon
(stars are a resource system that you get on your turn. you get 1 star each turn, your turn only) and 5 is the max you can have at a time

So recap on what i actually need changed

Borroka planet needs a name change
Undeos planet needs a name change and fine tuning the effect
Elendrall requires a new effect
Mazaric needs a new effect

Adam Leamey
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Ok before going into effects

Ok before going into effects etc I think it's more important to decide on the overall play style of each faction as once you have a general premise of what that faction does things become easier.

In magic the colours have there own identity in what they offer while there are a lot of variations on that identity they usually stay within it.

Yu gi oh has a lot of themes but it usually revolves around either monster types of names. It is a very diverse game with a lot of options.

So what you need to do is layout your factions and layout what you want each of them to do. After that naming will come easier.

I would also suggest you look into hearthstone and shadowverse as there class systems give an excellent representation of what I am talking about.

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Yeah just need to think of a

Yeah just need to think of a play style for element and the magic planet mainly, the element probably maybe the monsters receive a buff when the same element is next to each other but then the supporter and defender monsters dont benefit from it since the defender is placed in front and supporter is placed in the back while the 3 attackers are place in the middle, kind of like a cross

As for the magic planet, searching your deck for attachment cards is a decent effect but again it is not as powerful as the other planets. So i have no idea what play style these 2 planets should be

Adam Leamey
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I am talking moe broad

I am talking moe broad categories lik faction x focuses on boosting monsters and overpowering other factions, faction y focuses on cheap units and swarms, faction focuses on controlling the battlfi led etc.

I would suggest two brainstorms one bing the factions you want and the other outlining the charaterstica of each faction.

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Ok Each planet does have

Ok Each planet does have characteristic monsters

Elendrall = They are all elemental types and the planet is full of plains, volcanoes, snowy mountains ect

Borroka = is the combative planet, all monsters (lore wise) use weapons and basically mercenaries, i only have a few monsters for this planet though such as ninjas, assassins medievil, and hoping to have like archers, gunmen and explosive experts ect

Arusite = a parasitic planet which has withered and destroyed the planet and are now over run by these abomination type creatures

Techenence = is the machine type planet which are full of robots, scientists, cyborgs and all types of mecha monsters

Orbling = is a small planet full of orb like creatures, they are all shaped like orbs with little characteristics in them

Undeos = is the undead planet full of zombies, vampires, gouls and all sort of undead monsters

Vilonvi = Is a hybrid planet one side is full of light holy creatures while the other half are full of dark demonic creatures

Royal Palace = is not really a planet just a castle floating on a piece of floating rock which was a planet long ago, it is a screw you i win planet and the most powerful which give you an instant win once you meet its requirements (lore wise it is the reason the monsters are fighting each other since the royal 9 gang has corrupted the universe)

So that is how all the monsters relate to each planet

I guess one of the planet you might be referring to is the orbling planet since the planet can summon creatures for free every time one kills another making it a swarm planet

I kind of dont want the planets to have weakness and strength from other planets as i want them all to be powerful with an even battlefield

Adam Leamey
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Most card games give each

Most card games give each deck choice pros and cons balancing a game takes time especially with what your aiming for. I think you mentioned tcg but you may want to consider lcg or just have faction decks. An example would be epic by he people that did star realms it's pretty much magic but you don't have to buy as much.

Going from my own personal experience try and be conservative I am designing a card game with 100+ different cards however there are duplicates and triplicates bring my actual end card count much higher.

It may be easier to create two faction decks and test them against one another to start getting ideas.

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Well, I agree with Adam as it

Well, I agree with Adam as it is not clear what playstyle corresponds to each faction. From your description I can imagine the following:

Elendrall = Lots of buffs and debuffs depending on the elements present. Playstyle is all about managing positioning regarding elements

Borroka = High damage output, less units but more powerful.

Arusite = You have weak and few units but can convert enemies for the current fight and then become normal units, you need to be constantly attacking enemies since they're your only source of units

Techenence = Fragile units but powerful effects and abilities that maybe have large countdowns or setup time so the combat is about holding for long enough to get those ready.

Orbling = Weak units but overwhelming quantities.

Undeos = Maybe weak attack but very resilient creatures. You play to wear down your opponent

Vilonvi = Is interesting, it might be really hard to pull out but it could be a combination of two playstyles life very defensive for the angels and very agressive for the angels

Royal Palace = turtling

Of course this probably doesn't fit your game at all but what I'm looking for is to understand how each faction feels to play. is it agressive, defensive, plays by overwhelming with lots of units or does it depend on a game changing ability to charge?
I guess I want to know what defines each faction besides its lore.

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Cheers for the reply, There

Cheers for the reply, There is a small community on youtube who make TCG games, i am a part of that community so it is the reason im doing a TCG and i have no plans to sell my game outside of the game crafter, it might be a cool idea but this is just a hobby and nothing more, in my opinion its makes the game for fun when opening booster packs and getting excited to pull a rare, it just bring me back to my younger days when pokemon cards was a thing

I tried the normal CCG type where you get all the cards in a box and i haven't made 1 sale and i sent it to game crafter over 3-4 months ago and I've seen the youtube community making lots of sales from selling them as booster packs.

Thanx Tikey for your input, I thought i typed in all the planets different effects but guess i didn't and only gave you the lore version

I kind of want the planets to not really effect the playing field but only effect the monsters

Orbling is the only planet i can see that is exactly on par of what you said about it, they are weak but are easy to summon

I do like my Arusite and Techenence effects and the effects wont change as one of the planets(arusite) was the reason i created the planet and its monsters in the first place so their health is at 0 but they cannot die by combat and only by card effects

My Techenence fits well with its monsters and gameplay, it used to be the monsters are able to attack twice per turn but that was boring so i changed it into an upgrade system where they need a card to upgrade the monster into a more powerful monster (basically send the card you want to upgrade to the dead zone and play a stronger version of that card in its place)

Although i am open to ideas and improvements, the gameplay of each planets most of them are set, though i can alter if needed but the core mechanic will most likely remain

Adam Leamey
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Could you list what your

Could you list what your concept for each faction is, not its history or individual card effects just it's general playstle it's just to have a better overall idea of your game.

Also in reagards to the 0 health faction change that effect having an entire deck only being killable by effects is a bit much most games put costs on such effects or make the creatures really week.

Also how many cards per faction do you intend to do do you have a base number.

I personally would pick two factions and create 50 cards for each, create the rules and start playtesting your game rules. Also your initial tests should have very few efedts that are complicated or alter the game rules severely think the magic the gathering intro decks they include some simple mechanics rather than overload you with complicated ones.

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I do not quite understand

I do not quite understand your first question I'm sorry,

As for the 0 health planet Arusite, i plan on making them a bit weak in terms of power, though there are a lot of card effects that can kill the monsters

I do no know how many cards per faction, i try to balance them out, right now its quite small such as 1-2 defenders 2-3 attackers 1-4 supporters , but i do plan on adding more in the future but just not on the intitial release, you can double up on some monster cards

50 cards do seem like a lot but would like to see how it goes and right now just going with the flow, the TCG youtube community usually plays other creators TCGs so i can see how it plays out when i release mine

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