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need resource purchasing mechanic

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I am working on an engine building game with very very minimal player to player interaction. I want to use the gaining of resources as a way to add some PtP interaction. Currently players just purchase resources they want (no competition etc).

The game has an unlimited pool of resources of one type. I would ideally like an approach that doesn't have upkeep and doesn't favor the first player. I should note the game has action cards (very catan like), which could be used to help in this area.

Ideas I have pondered:
- have pools of resources that increase cost over time (later resources cost more)
- have pools of resources you have to gain access to (like building supply lines). can limit access and create competition
- have supply channels players bid for and can steal from each other

I am stumped, any thoughts are more then welcome.

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Sometimes, a pool of

Sometimes, a pool of resources gets depleted. But instead of complete depletion. The income simply reduces.

If you allow for building structures or something similar. You can increase the income again, to a certain extend. But a possible side effect for players could be that this pool is depleted faster now. Resulting in having the structure only a temporary boost effect. Or a consideration for investment.

A region offers 100 resources, with a rate of 10.
When a player taps into this resource pool. The income starts at 10. But the income will reduce in a ratio to what is left. Rounded upwards. Or given in a table.

Resources left:
45 etc.

Equipment placed there might double the efforts. Or add a constant to the total. The latter is great to double or triple depletion of the pool. While the first will literally double or triple the speed right at the start.

In the end you get 10-2, 8-2, 6-2.

In the end, you still get 10-2, 8-2, 6-2.

You also might consider a bonus that is permanent. Then +2 will turn a resource pool that would deplete to 0 income, into a 2 income for all eternity.

Or you consider having this bonus, without depleting the pool in a faster rate.
90-9(+2) etc.
Depending on how fast you deplete the pool, this +2 can be more effective on the harder to empty pools.
95-5(+2) etc.

Combining the factor and addition will lead to the most fun results. x2 +4 for example.

I hope this was of use.

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I like the supply channels

I like the supply channels bidding idea.

You can have resource cards revealed randomly from a deck. Each card with different types and quantity of resources. To balance things out, you might want to include a minimum bid amount too.

Say at the start of the turn, you reveal X cards, have the players take turns bidding. players can bid on as many cards as they want.

Later in the game, you might increase or decrease the number of cards revealed depending on the stage of the game or triggered events.

Your action cards can allow you to reveal more resources from the deck or gain coins just for the bidding phase.

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You could create a meter of

You could create a meter of available resource - 1 to 5, 1 to 10, whatever. There is always an unlimited amount of resources available, but the meter indicates the availability of that resource, and therefore the price.

Perhaps if one player buys, the meter does not decrease but if 2 players buy, it does and both buy at the more expensive level. Or, for each player buying, the meter decreases by 1 and all players buy at most expensive level.

Meter can replenish 1 level per turn.

Because all players buy at most expensive level that eliminates 1st player priority, as long as all players declare buying intentions simultaneously.

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I apologize for being slow to

I apologize for being slow to respond to my own thread :) I sincerely appreciate the ideas. The card/bidding idea is really interesting as it might fit my game really well. I am going to give that a spin to see how it works. I like the idea that there isn't an unlimited amount of resources available.

I will give it a shot and see how it goes!

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Keep us updated with your testing :)

Does your action cards have a cost in order to be played?

Some ideas for your action cards:-
- Reveal additional resource cards during bidding
- Double the resources you gain this turn [ 0 x 2 = 0 hehe ]
- No resource cards are revealed this turn (oohh... i like this one... can really turn games around i think, should be rare)
- Choose and discard a resource card before bidding

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