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Need some advice on Player Action Cards and Board AI cards

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Hey folks, first off thanks for looking and helping.

I am doing a custom board game for me and the boys and am having a little trouble fleshing out the player action cards and the game action cards.

A little about the game:
The game is influenced by Gears of War with Warhammer 40k minis.
You are a Space Marine assigned to a special operations unit who's mission is to locate and destroy the enemy goblins. (Pretty generic as you can tell for now.)

You control a figurine as your player and have to fight the goblins coming from the holes on 7 hex tiles. Example of tiles:

Me and the boys had drawn a cave hole, along with coloring in 3 sides so that 3 sides are open.(If anyone can draw up a few sci-fi ones that would be ok with us! )

Object of the game is to land on the holes and close them off, to keep more goblins from spawning from them.

Playing the game so far:
You move via playing a Marine card in your hand (7 cards), settling combat via different colored 2d6. Red=Attack Grey=Defend. Bigger number wins. You have 5 health and 4 ammo. And of course you mark off an ammo count, where different cards cost different amounts of ammo to play the card. There are a few "C"'s marked on the hexes per tile for a "Cover Area" meaning you are less likely to be seen by goblins unless they are adjacent. (Great for surprise attacks!)

And after your turn it's the game's turn, where you draw a AI card, and move the goblins accordingly. Settle combat the same way.

Ok, so now the goblin cards:
There are 8 different cards, I print out 3 sheets of cardstock (8 cards per page 3x2.5 card size).

1. Goblin Card- If 1 or more goblins are on your tile, move each 2 spaces closer and attack if adjacent. If in cover you may reroll defense dice once.

2. Global Goblin Card- Each goblin that is 4 or more spaces away from a player moves 3 spaces closer.

3. Goblin Card- Spawn 2 goblins anywhere on an adjacent tile.

4. Goblin Card- "Misfire" You thought you saw something behind you and misfired your weapon. Lose 1 ammo token. All goblins on your tile move 1 space towards you.

5. Goblin Card- Goblins adjacent to any player (regardless of cover) attack.

6. Goblin Card- Spawn 2 goblins at the nearest available hole. Move them 2 spaces towards nearest player not in cover. If any goblins are adjacent to you, they attack.

7. Goblin Card- If a goblin is within 3 spaces of you, move adjacent and attack. Otherwise: Move 3 spaces toward nearest player not in cover.

8. Goblin Card- Each goblin on a hole moves 3 spaces towards nearest player not in cover. Spawn 1 goblin on each available hole.

Marine Cards:

1. Marine Card- Move up to 4 spaces. Enter adjacent cover or attack an adjacent enemy. Ammo Cost: 1

2. Marine Card- Move up to 3 spaces. Attack an adjacent enemy if possible. Ammo Cost: 1

3. Marine Card- "Spray-N-Pray" Move up to 2 spaces. Attack ALL enemies within 3 spaces from you. Ammo Cost: 3

4. Marine Card- Move up to 3 spaces. Gain 1 ammo token if you enter adjacent cover. Attack an adjacent enemy if able. Ammo Cost: 1

5. Marine Card- "Grenade" Toss a grenade up to 7 spaces away. That space and adjacent spaces are hit. Roll attack dice for number of enemies killed. Ammo Cost: 3

6. Marine Card- "Team Work" If adjacent to another player, you both may attack an adjacent enemy. Ammo Cost: 2

7. Marine Card- "Claymore Ambush" Must be in cover area. You place a claymore down for an ambush. Move 4 enemies (within 5 spaces from you), adjacent to your character. Roll attack dice for number of enemies killed. Ammo Cost: 3

8. Marine Card- Move up to 2 spaces. Attack up to 3 adjacent enemies if able. Ammo Cost: 2

After a couple play tests, it was great fun and the boys loved it, but I want to give it a more "Action-y" feel! And I think it comes from the cards first and foremost.

So looking over the cards, how can we spice it up a bit? Give it that Marine "Do or Die!" feel?

Again, greatly appreciated folks.

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Card Ideas

Hi Syrric,

I have tinkered with similar game ideas over the years and have always enjoyed these types of games. A couple of things I have tried that might work for you are below...

Mission cards - the marines have an objective beyond the slaughter of goblins
Campaign - results of the last battle influence the next battle
Priority cards - a field commander issues an order for that round for the battle; for example, protect this square or blow up that fuel can, etc. reward or penalty depending on the outcome.
Environment cards - could be anything; fog? chemical spill?

Sounds like a great starter to miniatures gaming!

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I really appreciate your

I really appreciate your input as these are aspects that I have not thought about, but could add so much more to the game!

Your input is greatly appreciated! Now it's time to think of a few more cards/missions to make the game even better.

Again, thank you so very much!!

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