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Need some keywords for a combat game.

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So to give a brief rundown, I'm making a card/dice game. You assign d6s to cards, those d6s are rolled whenever that card would roll dice, the d6s also determine a bunch of other stuff like that card's Initiative, their Power (when referenced by other cards) and basically everything.

Gameplay works by determining Initiative between all Ready cards (Ready meaning neither facedown or Exhausted[tapped]), and players rolling against one another in the result of a tie.

The card with Initiative can then either flip facedown or Engage a target (with an engagement causing the card to "exert" itself, which either costs a die from that card or causes the card to be Exhausted).

Combat is determined by the engager to make an Attack Roll, with the engaged to roll a Defense Roll, with ties resulting in the engager's favor. If the engaged card survives, they then make their own attack roll against an opposed defense roll as a counterattack.

Most cards have a positive or negative adjustment to their Attack or Defense Rolls, with the total bonuses equaling about +2 (for instance, a card may have +3 defense, -1 attack).

What I'm looking for are keywords that add some dynamics to the gameplay.

For instance, each facedown card has the keyword Protect, which says:
When a faceup card or player is targeted by an Engage, this card can Exert in order to become the new defender of that Engagement.

Another example I've considered is Ranged, which says:
While this card is not Exhausted, it always attacks first when engaged (unless the attacker has Ranged).

Do you have any other ideas? I'm looking for things that can be used for multiple things without being overly complicated or feeling 'unnatural', if that makes sense.

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Custom for each game...

In order not to have too many similarities, it is best to create a blank spreadsheet and start the keywords you have and work forwards. I originally started with 3 or 4 of them... And built up a list of 30 of them. Then when I restarted the process, I started with 5 of them and they are above and beyond the other 30...

So my tip to you is that start by writing those that you have in a spreadsheet or a text file (or in a notebook) and then see what comes up as you design more cards.

The thing with "keywords" is you WANT the ability to sound familiar ... but NOT to use it as a shortcut. What I mean is unless you explain the ability on each card and ALSO use the keyword, that is perfectly acceptable. What is NOT acceptable is to ONLY use the keyword...

This will make the game harder to play and then you will need to do like Epic: the Card Game and have videos explaining what EACH "keyword" means.

Take a look here:

Starting with "Unbreakable", "Airborne", "Ally", "Ambush", "Banish", "Blitz", "Breakthrough", "Recall", "Recycle", "Righteous", "Unbanishable", "Targets"...

You need to REMEMBER all these abilities and that's a PAIN and a HASSLE.

So to avoid this, try to keep the abilities succinct and explain them on each card. You can also have LEVELS like for example (this is one of my abilities): "Corrupt ?" where "This ability lasts from 1 to ? turns during one (1) round." So "Corrupt 3" lasts for 3 turns...

That's another TYPE of ability... Some have no LEVEL others have a level. I believe in my spreadsheet, I have 15 of each (2x = 30).

Another aspect to generating good "keywords" is write down ALL the elements and/or components in your game. Then from each one, see what kind of "abilities" you can give them and THEN (lastly) figure out an appropriate "keyword/name". This is another way of thinking up "keywords" that relies less on "randomness" and more on the way the game is subdivided into parts/elements/components...

Best of luck(!?) on trying to come up with more "keywords". Look at Epic, that may help you jog some of your own ideas! Cheers and welcome to Daniel!

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Another important point is...

questccg wrote:
...Take a look here:

Starting with "Unbreakable", "Airborne", "Ally", "Ambush", "Banish", "Blitz", "Breakthrough", "Recall", "Recycle", "Righteous", "Unbanishable", "Targets"...

You need to REMEMBER all these abilities and that's a PAIN and a HASSLE.

There are 3-"As", 3-"Bs" and 3-"Rs"... How is that NOT confusing?! I am trying to stick to one LETTER = one Keyword. Like I said, right now ... I only have "5" Keywords... and most of them are for "negotiations". To resume and keep some information private, I have Keywords BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a negotiation. "Interrupt" is DURING (for example).

"Negotiation" is the process by which you determine a Lane Winner for one (1) of the three (3) Lanes. All negotiations are governed by a series of five (5) different RPS-3s (Rock-Paper-Scissor).

So keeping this a SIMPLE as possible... Is really my goal ATM!

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