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neutral cards

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So in my game there is a board area where cards may "move around" assuming they have movement.
im not quite sure how big to make this area (the game is designed for at least 1 player, and in hopes of around 4 players (I know having a 1 player card game sounds weird, but it is possible to lose because of your own actions, it is an economic/politics/war type game, the only real difference is the lack of player competition, and the war)) i was thinking about 5x5 for now, feels limited, but thats to be talked about later...there is also a city area, which unlike the 5x5 grid each card slot can only have so many cards in it, and since it can only be affected by very special cards (ie; spies, nukes, and other uniqe town attack cards) it is rather safe to play in (meaning you can get your income from your town safely, and with limited defenses)
anyways in this game there are types of cards that can be played anywhere in the world map(suddenly decided to name the 5x5 grid this) that are neutral, anybody can use them, these cards while being able to greatly increase a players income, and possibly give other special effects, can be controled by anyone at any point, so while say a gold mine would increase the money gain greater than the cards in your town, it can also be taken over by an enemy.

I really just wanted to know if this was a good idea, and how should I set the rate of income for such things?
say I had a town card that was very common, called "minting factory" and say it increases money by 2, should the gold mine double or triple this number? (gold mine produce 4, or 6 or what?)

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Choose one!

This is an answer for most of your questions: Choose one! Make a decision and play test it. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. That is how you learn.

Number of actions for a player per turn? What number makes sense?
Size of grid? How big do you want it to be?
How much money does a minting factory make? None, unless you also have a metal mine. ;)

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