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New Mechanic

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I was reading Hunger Games - a teen novel that is supposed to be good but looks like it could be a poor man's Battle Royale and in this book there is an interesting scenario that I think might make a good mechanic.

Without going into the scenario the mechanic would work something like this:

During your turn you have to have x number of resources or maybe you need x resources to buy something. For some reason you don't have the resources that you must have but there is an out - you can get 'free' resources and risk paying harshly for them later.

During the game there is always a random draw that has a negative effect on the player whose cube/colour/token is drawn. All players have an equal chance of this negative effect. However, if you take the 'free' route because you must or maybe because you choose to, then an extra token/cube of your colour is placed in the draw bag - therefore increasing your chance of paying a penalty. I would think the penalties would have to happen on every round to make the threat worthwhile.

Know anything like this? Is this unique? Any ideas on how it can be used - the threat could be the loss of a meeple/worker??

I know in games like Le Havre you can take out a loan but you know that they have an immediate negative effect - it is not the 'chance' of something bad happening.
Does this make sense?

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