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Hello, I'm a hobbyist programmer since I been 7 and now I'm 30. I have designed a lot of software but never really got into gaming. Been trying to look up about the subject without much luck. Mainly because search engines are bloated with people marketing board games, to try and find specific information about making a board game. I would like to know if anyone knows of a site, article, book, blog or something. That list different board game mechanics and examples of their uses. I'm trying to get an idea of the different aspects of the game play system of different board games. Any help would be a great benefit to me I'm sure. I'm also interested in play testing games to check out different mechanics and to see how they apply to different subjects. Which I'm sure will help me, when I actually start to come up with ideas for games of my own. With someone's permission of maybe a game I can play test, I would like to make a PC board game version of the application and distribute it as freeware on Source Forge or Google Code. (or I could make a private use version). Anyway I'm really interested in game design and mechanics so if you know any information, websites and the such or about anything else in this thread please post to this thread or send to my email information at the bottom. Also, if someone has AIM, and are will to help a newbie by directing me to places I might be able to find resources and from time to time maybe a stray question or two. My AIM is also at the bottom. Thank you in advance for the time you spend reading this long post and of any why you can aid me.

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If you're not already aware

If you're not already aware of it (but you must be, right?!),

...lists just about every boardgame ever, with broad theme and mechanic information. The site is also packed with user discussions, reviews, play sessions, and more.

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play games and read games

Not to point out the obvious, but I would suggest playing as many games as you can to get an idea of how people interact with game mechanics and how a theme plays out in a game. Also, I've gotten alot of new ideas by reading the rule books of games. Most of the rules are available online in pdf form. It's not a great substitute for playing the actual game, but it's fun to see what other designers have come up with.

I'm pretty new to boardgames myself

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Also, in case you weren't aware...

THIS SITE is rife with mechanic discussions, and someone a while back was toying with the idea of a mechanics "encyclopedia" or database of some sort.

I would definitely try boardgamegeek, but also, check out the GDS here - it requires the use of at least one specific gaming mechanic each time (and try to enter it if you're feeling up to it), and also look around here in some of the forums that discuss game mechanics.

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