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The next steps....

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Even with the failure of Smoking Aces looming in the back of my mind I don't want to drag my feet in the defeat so I have decided to continue and work on my next game. That doesn't mean I won't relaunch Smoking Aces, in fact I intend to. It would be stupid to not take what I learned and expand upon the campaign of Smoking Aces and try again. The worse that could happen is that learn more....

More information on Smoking Aces later.

Onto..... Bushido!

Bushido is a push-your-luck, set collection strategy game. Players are Samurai hopefuls training to impress one of the regional Diamyo.

So far it is pretty simple game where players will roll dice and match the numbers on the Dice to virtues they want to collect. When a player collects all the required virtues that a daiymo requires they win the game. Simple.

In the initial playtesting the game was dull, so I added effects to some of the virtues that trigger when they are collected as well as effects on each of the diamyo that are activated when a player discards the virtues required to activate that effect. This intigration of effects helped with the dullness but I've seen that noone wants to utilize the diamyo effects. My assumton is because they want to keep the virtues they have earned because, well, you need them to win.

The next step with Bushido for me is to change the diamyo effects to die roll activation instead of discarding virtures. My concern here is that it will split the players decision to dedicate dice to either a virtue or to utilize a diamyo effect.

The questions I need to ask are...

Would the die roll activate be better than the discard activation for the diamyo?

Right now the game is played with 3 dice and only 3 diamyo in play and 3 virtues to dedicate dice too. Should I increase the die count?

Is there anything the brilliant people of this forum have for options or ideas I'm not seeing?


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Smoking Aces?

I don't mean to go back to Smoking Aces, but have you ever thought of doing a "post-mordem-ish" blog entry or at least a "things I learned during my production of Smoking Aces"? I think it could help future designers and maybe get some advice on getting your game out.

By no means am I saying Smoking Aces is dead. I just think maybe you've got some nuggets of wisdom from that experience you could share.

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I was planning on it. You'll see it soon....

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What choices are the players

What choices are the players making as they roll the dice? I'm not clear about how the dice relate to choices and so on.

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Collecting sets.

Players will roll 3 dice and contribute at least one die to to one of the 3 revealed "virtues," which are the sets players need to collect to win.

I did a brainstorming session and came up with a variety of ways Players can activate the abilities on the diamyo.

Use a specific combination of "virtues."
Use a number of any "virtues."
Collect and use an amount of a specific "money virtue."
Use an amount of die (1, 2 or 3)
Use a specific combination of dice.

I found that using the specific combination of dice added more choices for players to use their die rolls on which added greatly to the interaction and overall fun of the game.

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