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Pandemic Style Mechanic

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Does anyone know of any games that deal with infection like spreading of cubes well? Like Pandemic? Right now I'm designing a tile game where darkness is enveloping the world. Right now the world is changing and the start player token is a compass rose and each player will roll a die to determine the direction at which the darkness spreads. However I'm struggling with out much infection spreads. Should I use a deck? Should it be a another die? I want it to be quick so I'm thinking deck doesn't make sense. And my game is different than Pandemic because the world is changing and also darkness will eventually fully remorse tiles. Thoughts? Or games that deal with this for me to research?

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downfall of pompei

Have a look at the way the lava flow mechanic in "downfall of pompei" works. That uses tiles with different symbols on them, which are drawn out of a bag each and played anywhere that is next to a tile with the same symbol that's already on the board.

Hope that helps

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Check out: Defenders of the

Check out:

Defenders of the Realm

Defenders of the Last Stand

They have Pandemic style mechanics for placing new enemies on the board.

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The way the fire spreads in

The way the fire spreads in Flashpoint may be useful.

Here, I feel like it makes the most sense to have the darkness be emanating from somewhere. If I were designing this, my first attempt would be to randomize N locations which are then the center of ever expanding circles of darkness. (Adjust N for difficulty) For spreading, you either randomly select one circle to expand, or you just expand all of them by a random amount. Rules for expansion would be something like you have to keep all of the sides of the "circle" balanced. So first stage, you have a single square, and have to put 1 darkness next to all 4 sides. Then you can fill in corners. Then 1 on all 4 sides again, then 2 on all 4 sides, and so forth.

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your description of the

your description of the darkness removing full tiles reminds me of Forbidden Island. Don't know if its the same idea as what you are pitching, but it might give you an idea or two.

otherwise, if you want the direction of darkness spread to be random, have a static bar that tracks a magnitude (look at Forbidden Dessert with the Storm Intensifies mechanic to get an idea what I mean), then have the player spin a spinner and place x darkness tokens on the indicated spot, where x is the number from the magnitude track.

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