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Post Apocalyptic Bartering System

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I've been slowly working my way though a list of things to have my game function at a basic level at least. I've now made it to bartering, and I wish to do this before I finish up the rest.

I have all of the components in place...I'm just trying to figure out how to get them all together.

The players will have three basic commodities, those being Ammo, Gas, and Parts.

Each is used for it's own respective thing, and each can be traded for the other two. But they can also be used as currency to buy items.

I'm just sort of baffled as to how I should go about this, exactly. Items are all represented by cards, and I know I want it to be sort of an 'items come and go' type of thing, so it's randomized and players get three choices of things to buy every time they visit a settlement. Items vary, being anything from One-Use items like grenades, Vehicle repair-kits and the like to Weapons and Armor. The thing is, I want these things to also have a chance to be scavenged in the wastes. But the three commodities mentioned earlier can also be scavenged, and I currently have it all as one deck, but it seems like it would just be sort of tedious and lame to make two separate decks containing most of the same things...I don't know.

To be honest, this whole system sounds poopie to me. I want it to be sort of a quick and simple process. I'm just not sure what clicks.

So, suggestions?

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Put the commodities on chits, along with "found item" chits, then blind draw those from a bag. Use the deck just for items. If you get a found item chit, then you draw a card from the deck.

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Alternately, have tracks on

Alternately, have tracks on player boards tracking how many parts, ammo, and fuel you have. When you search for something in the wastes, roll one or more special dice. Most of the faces have parts, ammo, or fuel symbols, but occasionally you'll roll an item. Raise your tracks by the corresponding number of resources you gained, and draw item cards for an item die face.

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