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Print & Play game with a tech tree? - Tech vs Research trees?

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DARE the Vegetable
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Immah out of tha cave,

I've started to look into print and play games and it seems really neat. I ain't much of a handyman, but the ammount of effort really is up to me so...

Does anybody know about a p&p game that features a research tree of some sort?

Oh! And is there a difference between "tech trees" and "research trees"?


Joined: 09/20/2009
In my experience

I have not come across a tech tree or research tree PnP game. I believe tech trees and research trees are different. This comes mostly from computer game experience. Technology trees seem to unlock new buildings or units which are not available initially. Research trees unlock abilities or otherwise modify what the units/buildings/characters can do. I hope this is helpful.

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