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Reducing handling for Action Points

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This is a 2 parter. But short.
Since I am cutting a lot.
So, the posts.

Strategy Points are used to buy extra moves/attacks during a round. On top of the existing system. But only for those units that can be paid for at that precise moment.
SP works together with Action Points.

Part 1:
Strategy Points where handled for each unit and structure that needed them.
This is now reduced to the entire army.
Which means that if an army had Unit A gets 1 point each round and unit B gets 4 points each round. It is now a total of 5 points per round.

Having less units to choose from is now an option.
The player with less units on the map will simply get a lot more Strategy Points. However, when an Action Point is bought for a set of units. The AP will still be cumulative. Meaning that if an unit already has paid 1 AP. The next action will cost at least 2 AP. You can only buy 1 AP for a set amount of SP.

Units that don't provide SP. In the past, they couldn't use SP either. But now they are allowed to.

The good about this is that the XP tracking was cumulative for a player. Since it got removed. These counters where useless, but are now available for SP.

Part 2:
This was never completed or vague for most players.
When size adjustment occurred, several new variables where added to the game.

Costs, Stats, SP-costs and Size are normally all the same.
But if an unit has a different size on the board (Sniper is not 600 but only 150 big).
Then all 4 are adjusted.
This used to be only 3.
I plan to have SP-costs right between Size and Stats.

Sniper without size reduction;
600, 600, 600, 600
Sniper with size reduction to 1/4th;
1200, 600, 300, 150

To clarify.
600 are the stats.
150 is the size. If you build enough, 1 AP is 4 times as effective.
1200 is the cost of each. It takes twice as long to get the same number of units. And 8 times as long to get a full squad.
Once done, the special squad is often very strong in what they do. The player can do 4 times as much.

SP will cost twice as much for an Action. Meaning this cannot be abused.


If you have an opinion.
Please consider telling me what you think about the reduced size in combination with the SP costs.

I might raise it to the number used for Stats. But I am not sure.

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Is this meant to be complete,

Is this meant to be complete, or does it refer to other posts?

Because if the former, I didn't have a clear idea of how the game is supposed to work.

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But I do more of an information sharing here.

This is meant to be a general mechanic if you will.
But improved upon my own experience so far.

So, a basic wargame flows by using Action Points.
Each player gets 7.
And each squad can have 1 or more Action Points assigned.
More complex movements and/or attacks, cost even more Action Points.

But some squads can't be a maximum.

For example, if the total of a squad is 6000 points (prototype points)
And each unit of a squad is worth 900 points. Than a maximum of those units are allowed for balance.
5400 is the maximum for that unit type. And 600 remains.

The player spends 1 AP on either 5400 or 6000.
Which is a big difference on the long run.

To counter this, my first versions had the 600 saved up every round in a form of Strategy Points.
When reaching 5400 points. The entire squad could have 1 extra Action point.

But this was a lot of work for each unit. Players could have like over 12 different units on the map.

Now I combine all points. And the player can select any type of unit. Even the "complete" ones. That actually have a total of 6000 points in a squad.


Any designer who uses Action Points. Can consider these Strategy Points for increasing balance.

It sure can lead to fun moments in a game, in my experience.

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