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Representing spaces on a sphrical board in 2D

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Joined: 12/01/2008

So don't laugh, but I randomly found a solution to a problem I posted about in 2006.
I abandoned the need for the idea long ago, but I'll throw this out there in case someone else can use this.

Basically, I wanted to create a board with spaces that represented a sphere (planet).
Having spaces like that of a soccer ball works pretty well, but I also wanted boards with different numbers of spaces, and the finding of other arrangements proved a bit problematic.

Turns out, the solution that I was looking for at the time was...

Goldberg Polyhedra

So if anyone else need to create various numbers of spaces on a sphere, I'd start there.

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I have been working on many

I have been working on many map layouts for my master of magic board game. Here is one that could suit your needs:

It's a 20 sided heagon map.

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