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Requesting review of game mechanics

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Hi everyone,
I was on my thinking throne last night, and came up with the basics of a game. I wrote it all down, and was wondering if anyone could spend some time reviewing the thoughts and game mechanics I came up with. I know it still needs a lot of work, but this is my initial idea. The link to the document is at:

Any comments and advice are welcome. Thank you.

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I had a read through the rules.

Some comments in random order:

The zombie/survival theme is popular right now, which you could consider a bonus (people like it) or a negative (there's already dozens of zombie games out there).

Do you have a target playing time in mind? If the playing time is too long this will severely limit your potential audience.

My initial impression is that there is a lot going on. Roll for movement, move on a grid, collect cards, collect resource tokens, mark off timers... I suspect the game would take a long time to play. Much of this could be simplified if you wanted to, thus reducing both the number of components and the playing time.

Most of the game scenarios are based around elimination. Combine this with long playing time and you may find eliminated players getting bored.

If you want to keep elimination as the game objective then I'd recommend you go for a max of 1/2 hour per game -- which would require quite a departure from the rules you have so far.

If you want to keep the current style of rules (moderate complexity, game length > 1 hour) then I would recommend you change most/all of the scenarios to something other than elimination. E.g. first to collect XXXX resources, or the player with the most healthy survivalists when all of the resources have been depleted, etc.

Movement roll of 1d20 is very random. If somebody rolled low a few times in a row I expect their frustration level to rise. 2d10 or 3d6 would give more predictability and reduce the potential for frustration.

I hope this feedback helps.

Happy gaming,

Joined: 09/21/2015
Great input. I really

Great input. I really appreciate it.

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