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Resource name?

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I'm in the early stages of developing a fantasy/medieval Supremacy/Civ like game that utilizes resources as part of its economic system. The resources allow players to "do" various things and some can be traded with other players if desired. My goal is NOT to have too much accounting and to use some type of counter to represent the resource. I'm think that 3 - 4 is the "right" number of resources but I'm coming up short on a good names (any help would be great).

Here is what I have so far:
Crowns = gold (this is the money of the realm)
Mana = magic energy (this is used to cast spells)
Trade Goods = Building resources and mercantile items (used to for buildings, ships, seige engines and trade route profits)
Food Stuff = Food for troops (must be used to creat supply lines & baggage trains).

So my question is should I keep both Trade Goods and Food Stuff or just vombine into one resource? If combined shoulod I try to come up with a better neame or just keep Trade Goods?


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How tight is the game?

My first thought would be to keep the separate if you want everyone to develop militarily, or combine them if you want a tighter restriction between military and non-military development; if they are combined, players would have to choose more carefully between the two types of development.

Does your game require military to win or do well; a balanced approach between economic and military? Or is it possible for players to put military on the back burner while concentrating on building infrastructure, and vice versa? I'd more likely combine the two resources if the latter is true.

PS - if combined, I'd go with calling it Supplies or Resources.

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a strong military is

a strong military is required. I like the Supplies idea.

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