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Reusing mechanics

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A couple weeks ago I was Shanghaied into playing a game of Battlestar Galactica. Amongst a bloated Baatan death march of a game were two things I liked: one is the unmask-the-traitor mechanic (which I prefer in The Resistance and Saboteur). The other was the skill check, where the group must play cards to a communal pile hoping that the total among good suits minus the total from penalty suits is enough to "pass". Different results mean different things. I also dug this (albeit a little more vanilla) in Musketeer.

Is it kosher to nick a mechanic like this, or does it need to be dressed up/done differently?

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Most games are a series of

Most games are a series of mechanics that have been used before but melded together in such a way as to provide a different experience.

So in short go ahead and use what works for your game.

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I understand the dilemma

I have been eyeing the *battle* mechanic in the game Jumangi for a current project of mine. Basically each player has a die with different objects on each face. When a player draws a creature/obstacle card there is a specific item needed to deal with it. Each player must roll their die until they get the needed object before a 30 second sand timer runs out. If not everyone rolls the needed object then the card goes on a 'doom' track and if the doom track gets filled up the game wins.

There's something appealing about this system because it isn't a traditional combat system and it keeps everyone involved even when it's not their turn. I think the trick with applying it to my game without feeling like I just blatently ripped it off is to tweak it enough to make it my own.

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