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Is this the right forum to post a set of rules for critique?

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Joined: 07/30/2008

Hi. I'm not sure if this is the best forum to do this in. I have a complete set of rules, but not board or tiles ready for P&P. The rules contain a description of all of these elements though.

Is this a good place to post this set of rules to get feedback/comments/critique? Is it worth posting just the set of rules? Personally, I think you get a pretty good idea of the game just from the rules, but I am curious to see if that is actually true.

Thanks all.


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people didn't seem to mind

People didn't seem to mind when I posted the rules to my co-op-euro-in-progress "Pompeii" the other day, and I've gotten a valuable comment or two already. Go for it!

EDIT: Oh, I read "forum" in the general sense, as in "is the BGDF website the place to talk about games being developed," rather than in the specific sense, as in "is the Mechanics Forum the right place [etc]". This is probably because I navigated to this post via the sidebar at the right, which shows posts from all forums and thus doesn't distinguish point of origin.

I posted Pompeii as a Game Journal, which is what I would recommend.

Joined: 07/30/2008
A link for the rules (Google Docs)

I have published to rules using Google Docs, if you are interested you can view them here:

I would welcome any suggestions, questions or other feedback.



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not here

My reply arrives a tad too late, but anyway...

The Mechanics forum is the place to discuss specific mechanics like die rolling, the use of tiles, etc.

A better place to post a ruleset would be either Game Ideas if you are on an early stage, or the Game Design Workshop if the game is more or less playable (but you should send a private message to jwarrender first to schedule the appearance on the GDW).

I don't think the lack of tile images would be a problem. If the rules have enough information and the game sounds interesting to the other members, you'll get plenty of feedback. If the lack of images makes the rules difficult to understand, people will let you know. If so, even a very basic sketch would be enough, though, I don't think anyone will ask for pretty and ready to publish images.

Another good option would be starting a Game Journal for your game. There you can post rules, comments, links to images once you have any, people can comment and you can post rule updates, etc. Game Journals are listed on each user profile, making it easy for anyone to keep track of the progress of the games anyone is working on.

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