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Risk Game

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Can you guys help me understand the mechanics of Risk? I'm planning to design a game with a slight similarity to this... but a bit differet...


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Start by checking out these

Start by checking out these links to a version of risk that plays with no dice called Fanaat Risk. If you want to understand what risk is and is not, and already have a basic understanding of the traditional game, playing one of these variants may help you to see how risk could evolve.

Actually studying other Risk variants would be a good way to learn game design, in general. For example you can transform Risk, the primal AmeriTHRASH game, into a dainty civilized euro. Or even hybridize it into an war game with an economic engine.

There are a lot of really good articles on Risk mechanics and strategies here:

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there are a few sites

where you can play Risk for free (or a 'clone' of it anyway). The one I like best is . You'll see that the basic principle can be applied to lots of different maps.

To work out the bonus given for controlling an entire continent, you can use the following formula:

BONUS = x/2 + max(0, (y/2)-1)

where X is the number of territories in the continent
Y is the number of territories in the continent that border a territory in another continent.

Round to an odd number: 3.5 is rounded down to 3, but 4.5 is rounded up to 5.

I usually play the variant where each player is given the identity of another player that they have to destroy (players only know their own target). Once one player is eliminated, the player who has them as their target wins (even if they weren't the ones to eliminate them).

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