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Rock, paper, Pokemon

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DARE the Vegetable
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Hey there! Having a lazy saturday, so I'm gonna throw out this combat idea I had.

So a while ago there was a thread about rock, paper, scissors and values. It's too lazy a saturday to dig up the linked article, but the basic concept was:

Rock, paper, scissors is pretty random. Now, what if each one had a different degree of winning benefit? For example the rock gives you 5 points if you win, the paper 10 and the scissors 15... Followed by an explanation of why that's awesome and epic coolishness, and I'll give you the short summary: It f*cks up the psychology at the table. Personally, I think that is pretty much all you can wish for in a game.

And my combat mechanic? Awright, so ya'll know the Pokemon games. You collect a bunch of monsters with up to four different abilities which can be used during battles.

My idea is basically Pokemon + Rock, paper, scissors with values = ???

What do you think? How could it work out?


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First I think if you are

First I think if you are going to only take one letter out of an extremely offensive word you shouldn't post it... please edit the post for us with sensitive constitutions.

Second, concerning placing a value on winning with something in rock paper scissors: it is such a fast game that some players wouldn't have time to think to themselves..."Okay, what is the most valuable option to play again? Oh yes it was..." To late you have to throw out a choice. Rock paper scissors only works because it is a quick game that has super simple rules that lets the players make split second decsisions. Add rules to a fast game equals confused players and less strategy because some players will find a random strategy works better than their befuddled strategy.

If there was no time limit to making a choice it would be more interesting and would have more mind games involved, but then it wouldn't be the fast style of game that makes rock paper scissors fun in the first place. It would be an entirely different game, which some might like and others wouldn't; however it would definetly not be rock paper and scissors anymore.

Concerning pokemon: Need a little bit more detail by what you mean. I don't understand what you have in mind.

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