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rock paper scissors + 1

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I'm currently working on a game, where there are four different factions, represented by the elements water, earth, fire and air.

I was thinking of having each one be strong against one of the elements, but weak against another, but then, what about the 4th element? how do you factor that one into it?

how will I be able to work in that fourth element, without having to add in a fifth one? any ideas?

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I had that question many times before.

I had that question many times before.

With 4 elements, simply balance the bonus with a total of 0.

+1, +1, 0, -2 is an example of this.
But if you can't use negative numbers, then you have:
+3, +3, +2, 0

If you use factors instead.
x2, x2, =1, :4

But if you don't like that. Simply have the element equal to itself and 1 other element.

I hope this helped.

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Yay! Finally a Battle Beasts

Yay! Finally a Battle Beasts tabletop game. Of course, the fourth symbol they added in that, "Sunburst," beat everything, which is of no help to you. Could an element be strong on offense but weak on defense against the same element? In that case, make them strong against two and weak against two. There can be overlap, like Water being strong offensively against Earth but weak on the defensive.

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