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Rotating Gameboard

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I like simultaneous action selection a lot. It reduces playtime in two ways: Have all players act on the same time, and having all players guess what the other are going to do. In my new time reversal game, I am trying to insert this mechanic in a new way:

A Rotating Gameboard.

Let me explain:
The gameboard consists of a circle, divided into four areas, each area being a quarter of that circle. Each area is either north, east, south or west. Each player has one of these areas in front of them, in which he or she will place an action card, simultaneously with all other players. Then all actions are revealed and used.
When this is done, the "northen" player will choose another area on the board, rotating the board until that area faces him, now repeating the action selection.

Although I really like the idea of rotating the gameboard, it might become a problem if all pieces would go flying around the board. I wonder if any of you has an idea to fix this problem or improve this idea.

All ideas are more than welcome!

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Pizza Theory

Have you taken a look at the Pizza Theory game?

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