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RPG Board game Player Creation help request

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Greetings, I am developing a Hybrid Genre game that includes role playing features Collectible card features and a table top strategy game. My chosen Mechanics to limit the played cards are civilization specific resources and skills called effects that the players buy from a pool at character creation. some of these effects are command, construct, cast, basic, advanced, economy+%, Production+, Materialize+, creature only and location only.
Command: grants the player the ability to play creature cards and creature tokens
Construct: gives the ability to play location cards and produce tokens
Cast: allows the play of magic cards
Basic: allows for any card of the basic type to be played\
advanced: allows for any card of the advanced type to be played
Economy+: boosts the players economy by a percent.
Production+ boosts the number of tokens created per turn
Materialize+ adds to the number of materialization of either locations or creatures
Creature only means the player can only materialize creatures
Location only means the player can only Materialize locations

These are a few of the possible effects i am using. The choices made in selecting these effects will change the way each player plays the same game. some effects have a negative cost and give back points for the player to spend elsewhere. I would like to know if this seems to complicated. If there are any question or clarifications needed please ask away.

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Hey Vailreth, I like the idea

Hey Vailreth,
I like the idea of having cards to do everything. How will this be implemented on board and what style of board are you thinking? Complication is less of an issue when using cards because rules can be written on cards to make for quick learning and continual play.

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This seems like a neat idea.

This seems like a neat idea. So if I understood correctly, your character kinda gains skills and with those skills can summon creatures and buildings and cast spells? What are the basic/advanced cards? Do they include some of the other groups or are they their own group?

What if you included some kinf of skill levels too, for example: if you buy 2 Economy cards you get level 2 economy which boosts your economy even more. Or if you got 3 Command cards you can summon level 3 creatures and tokens. Although if you use this kind of mechanic there has to be lots and lots of skill cards which makes building a certain type of character kinda hard cause you have pretty low chance of getting the right cards...

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What if . . .

The skills increased the ease with which players could use certain things (and everyone had access to--at least a basic level of-- everything)?

I just wonder how easy it would be to balance a system where different players had access to different things, if those differences really matter.

I guess I'd have to know more before I speculated on woes.


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