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RPG Job Skills

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What would be a good way to implement job (harvesting, mining, etc.) skills like the ones played in rpgs, Runescape for example. Any ideas?

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Let me take a

Let me take a shot:

Harvesting - Resources pools up over time, but the player can't access them as frequently without this skill. Picture something like Catan where all of your cards go into holding (not your hand); At the beginning of your turn, you might get one of those cards, but with harvesting you get more.

Mining - I would probably say that since mining is a probability based action, this skill would increase the payout a bit. So, if you has a "search for ore" action and had to roll a 1 on a D6, then with the mining skill you would hit on a 1,2, or 3.

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Thanks, but the real problem

Thanks, but the real problem is trying to get the players more involved in the gameplay. For instance, instead of them just wasting a turn to "work on their harvesting skill", the player would have to actually do something, kind of like a mini game or something. I thought this would make the gameplay more exciting but maybe it'll just be too difficult.

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What is the Context?

It would be a bit easier to give feedback if we had a few more details. What kind of game are you making? For instance, a mini-game would probably not fit into an RPG (not for ALL your skills, at least).

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similar to the post above,

it sounds like you're talking about a fantasy setting, where the players are playing warriors, thieves etc - why would they be mining, farming etc?

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