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RPS Combat System

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In your 4x4 grid (16 cards) the size = 10" (length) x 14" (width).

In my 3x5 grid (15 cards) the size = 10.5" (length) x 12.5" (width).

So the SIZE is about the SAME... The difference is that now (with my version) there are only 3 points of attack and all connected to each player's island space. So it's 1 space used for the island instead of 4.

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Some thoughts...

I almost like your idea. It would help simplify things and possibly add some more tension to the game.

Two things I questioned as I pondered this:

1). Why would I want to build ships on the flanks if placing a ship in the middle will get me to the island quicker?

2). Having four lanes creates something that makes the game memorable. Multiple battles in different places makes for a really interesting environment.

The answer to the first one was pretty easy. I would add some sort of flanking bonus. I am adding this anyways to further tactical differentiation (+1 damage for attacking a ship to the left or the right). In fact, I will be making it so that it is easier for smaller ships to flank attack and harder for bigger ones.

Your idea though has made me think about having the special ability cards actually create the island.

Unfortunately, the second one I don't have an answer to. Having four lanes establishes a lot of tension already (okay he is pressuring me in lanes one and two. Should I defend those or push for three). There are many decisions and strategies to uncover while with the three lanes it seems the bulk of the game is lost.

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