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Scaling Command POints

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I am working on a tactical war game, and I found a neat mechanic where players plays cards at the beginning of the turn to determine the initiative order and the number of command point they get to move their army.

1 command point = move any amount of unit to 1 target hex. (like in TI3)

I like the idea of command point except for the fact that the size of the battlefield and number of unit in play will make the players need more or less command points. So I cannot really define a fixed value, it should be variable.

Else, large armies would have as much command point than small armies which will make them less maneuverable.

The only solution I found so far is that the player could optionally build command center at specific locations on the map. If they capture these locations, they can build a command center and get an additional command point. It also makes this area a strategic point because capturing it would remove the nb of command point to the enemy.

Do you like the idea?

Do you have another suggestion to adjust the command points with the scale of the battle field?

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