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Scenario vs Variant Rules

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I have a list of optional or variant rules that I could apply to my game.

But I also like the idea of having scenarios which is also the application of a group of variant rules.

The problem is that I am not sure which rule should be considered a scenario and which rule should be considered a variant. What are the criteria that differentiate both concepts.

So far

- variant rules could probably be used as mixed and match according to player's preferences.
- It should have mild impact on the game and not make it a different game.

- While a scenario would be a combination of variant rules that must be used together to get the desired effect.
- It also means a different setup, but is more likely used in games with maps (which is not my case)

Still the line is not really sharp. Any other criterias?

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I'm not familiar with your

I'm not familiar with your game, so my perspective might not apply to your situation.
For me an scenario is not so much a change in rules but rather a change of conditions. You could have a different setup (starting resources, positioning for example) or a different objective -or both- depending on the scenario.
A variant is a change in rules that has an impact in how the game is experienced, for example making the game more agressive or faster.

You mention letting the player pick and choose variant rules, which is interesting but could be hard to unbalanced or it might lead to a chaotic game experience unless you have a good way of approaching the problem.

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