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Seeking a list of mechanics...

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Howdy All,

I've been tasked with creating a list, "as complete as reasonably possible with no more than a couple of hour's thought," of popular game mechanics for board and card games. I've been given a seed list to start, and I've scarfed the list from BoardGame Geek (both included at the end of this post). There's also a web tool that automatically generates board game design challenges that I'll try to find again.

Can y'all help me out, either by pointing me at a list or essay, or by offering additional mechanics? Cast as wide a field as you wish to. More is better than less.

Thanks! I sincerely appreciate it. I'll check back again in about six hours.


The Seed List:
Combo building (poker, Yahtzee)
Piece capture by replacement
Piece capture by surrounding
Piece capture by jumping
Simultaneous play
Real-time play
Trick taking
Tile laying
Roleplaying / individual victory conditions (these are probably actually separate mechanics)
Matching high dice (as in Risk combat)
Point attrition (as in MTG or Cthulhu Dice - this probably has a formal name but I don't know it)
Target score
Die-roll result table (which has some specific cases like CRTs which it might be worthwhile to enumerate)
Rules-writing (as in Nomic)
Tech tree, as in Civilization/RTS (the concept of improved powers and abilities was introduced along with the tech tree, but are the two inseparable?)
Last man standing
Catch-up mechanics
Leader-favoring mechanics

The BGG List:
Action Point Allowance System
Area Control / Area Influence
Area Enclosure
Area Movement
Campaign/Battle Card Driven
Card Drafting
Chit-Pull System
Co-operative Play
Commodity Speculation
Crayon Rail System
Dice Rolling
Hand Management
Line Drawing
Modular Board
Pattern Building
Pattern Recognition
Pick-up and Deliver
Point to Point Movement
Role Playing
Roll and Move
Route/Network Building
Secret Unit Deployment
Set Collection
Simultaneous Action Selection
Stock Holding
Tile Placement
Variable Phase Order
Variable Player Powers
Worker Placement

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Sub categories

Well, John, that's quite a list you have! But, as it always happens to me, I find it difficult to get it all at once, I tend to get mixed up and confused right about by the middle. I think is because there is no order among all of them, just alphabetical, wich is good if you are looking for the meaning of a word, but not if you are trying to cathegorize a game or viewing how many mechanics could there be regarding some specific element of a game. So,

I wonder if it could be arranged by sub-categories to make it simpler to use actually. For example,

- Hex-and-Counter
- Tile placement
- Modular Board, etc.

- Set collection
- commodity speculation
- combo building
- Last man standing, etc

- Voting
- Auctioning
- RPG, etc

Action "Issuance" (¿?)
- Worker placement
- Roll and move
- Card Drafting, etc

Action Resolution
- Area (all)
- Matching high dice (as in Risk combat)
- Rock-paper-scissors

This is a cathegorization right from the top of my head. I honestly doubt that BGGs have thought of it this way. I know there have being much debate over some of them. But, if you have the opportunity to rewrite history, maybe some order other than alphabetical would be appropiate.

Keep thinking!

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Thanks for the input, Pastor_Mora. I've accumulated a few other resources and I'll put them here later today, or perhaps tomorrow.

Later on, when I have time, I hope to use the information I've gathered to flesh out the Game Mechanics section of the BGDF.

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New hotness

Conspicuously lacking in your lists is the new hotness of game mechanics... Deck Building!

Ascension (saw it at GAMA)
Eminent Domain (Coming soon from Tasty Minstrel ;) )

There may be more I can't think of offhand. I'd wager a number of deck building games will surface in the next year or so.

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That a headline!

You are publishing Eminent Domain??? Good work!!! Do you have a release date?
Congratulations :)

red hare
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great resource

Go go Invisiblejon... I was just using BGG's search function to find specific games by category and it made me think of your project. Whatever list you come up with, I think it's important to consider how you want people to be able to access the information. Half the time I know a game or a group of games that use a game mechanic but I don't know what the mechanic is called. Being able to find out through a search is really valuable... just a thought...

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