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Seeking a little help with your acronyms

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Michael Leo White
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Joined: 03/21/2013

I’m new to your genre of board game. My interest has always been family games and casino games using dice.
The board games you are designing are what the manufacturers are looking for!
Just by looking at your strategic ability there is no way I could compete in this part of your game. But maybe I can help with the action part of your game. (Battles, one-on-ones, scenarios with a < 100% chance of succeeding and most any situation that requires a not so random roll of the dice.)
I have been experimenting with sets of 7 multi sided dice. (Not a tool used in any board game I’ve come across). This new concept and your new strategies could take your game to a whole new dimension.
But I have one problem I have no idea what your acronyms mean. Maybe you can help me understand your language and I’ll help you understand mine.

Thanks for listening.

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Joined: 03/11/2013
Help us help you

What acronyms are you referring to? Give us some examples and we can give you definitions.
If you're referring to multi-sided dice, the common way to refer to them is D#, where # is the number of sides the die has. For example, a 4-sided die is known as a D4, a 12-sided die is a D12, etc. Many games also refer to the quantity of dice by adding another number in front of the D. For example, if a game wants you to roll 3 6-sided dice, it would say 3D6.

Michael Leo White
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Joined: 03/21/2013
I Have 3 terms; 1 acronym

Your help with dice terminology is much appreciated.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Some clarifications

Conjure = to summon; put the card in play
M:tg or MtG = Magic The Gathering

I would need to see the context of these terms: Bidding and Tag.

I think *Tag* was *Tap* (in the context of MtG), if so it means to turn a card on its side to indicate the card has been used (Tapped).

If you can POST the LINK (something like I can have a look and see if I can explain the missing ones.

Michael Leo White
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Joined: 03/21/2013
Thanks for your help

You were right I did mean “tap”
As for “bidding” I have played card games with this type of mechanical tool so I think I’ll be okay.


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