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Selecting goal near the end?

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Joined: 03/22/2012

I just wondered if there are any games where a player selects a goal to strive for at or near the end of the game - or even any point other than at the start. For example, in Suburbia, each player is dealt two hidden goals, and they keep one and discard the other. What if, instead, you held onto both goals until the "one more turn" tile appeared? Perhaps you'd still just pick one goal at the start and go for it, or maybe half-way through the game you'd realise one of your goals is not going to be obtainable and so you can switch focus to getting the other one.

Some other ideas of ways to pick goals would be to have some kind of mid-game auction (possibly one with a certain amount of simultaneous bidding on each available goal, or everyone distributes points to the available goals, or something), or it could even be a simple Prisoner's Dilemma style "betray or befriend" choice to allow for an uncertain cooperation to occur.

In saying that, I do remember that one game (I think it's Red November) has the set-up that it's a co-operative game but one player can bail on the others such that they only win if everyone else loses, so I guess that's a kind of example.

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