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Sharing Points???

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Hey all-

I need some help with two parts of a mechanic for one of my games. A little background:

Each round of this game each player picks two actions to perform. Everyone announces simultaneously which they chose.
--For some actions, if multiple players choose it, the player who is currently losing gets first choice (of cards/stuff to gain).
--For other actions, if multiple players choose it, each player gets to take the same action, but it is of reduced value (ex: each gains $8 instead of $10 if only one person chooses "gain money")

Then, there's the action in question...This is the main action, where you send your forces to attack a variety of villages. Currently, you get points based on your strength minus the strength of the village. Some players will have bonuses against certain villages, making each one more or less attractive. There are less villages to choose from than there are players.
****SO...if multiple players pick "attack a village" as an action, how do we decide who gets which village? And, if multiple pick the same village, how are points determined?****
--Currently, if multiple people pick "attack" then they each secretly select their village, and all reveal. Everyone could pick the same village, or they could all pick different ones.
--One idea I tried was that if multiple people pick the same village, they all add the points they would score and divide them evenly. This works thematically, and gives players an incentive to try to piggyback on stronger players. It also gives an incentive for stronger players to pick less-than-ideal places to avoid piggy-backers.
--Mostly, I like this, but I'm trying to decide if there's a more elegant way around this problem.

So...any ideas? Let me know! Thanks...


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Some thoughts

As always, it is hard to give valuable answers without knowing more about the game but here goes:

I've always felt negatively inclined towards announcing actions verbally and simultaneously. I don't know what you got planned for your game but I'd suggest role/action cards that players place face down in front of them and reveal at the same time. I've had many games where a player would wait that split second and change their mind/target once he knew what the others were going for.

I like the "lesser returns" if more players choose the same action.

Onto the "attack villages" action:
As written the second option doesn't encourage players to build a strong army or use up resources to do so. Just find a strong player and piggyback for an equal share of the loot, which probably means a lot more to a "weak" player than to a strong player.

I much prefer the first option with its secret selection. Although, it might be harder to "simulate" (paper, cards, chit?).

You could have a "speed" stat along with the strength stat of your forces/troops. And whoever as the fastest army gets to attack the village for maximum points/spoils. Whoever else has chosen the same village gets much reduced rewards for not getting there fast enough.

That would balance out strong troops as being slower than comparatively weaker units. Also fosters greater troop diversity.

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