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Shootlet for Four

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Shootlet Sample Play

Shootlet for Four (a revision to ichbin's design)

1 gameboard (13x13 grid)
4 sets of 60 tokens (white, black, red, yellow)

Layout the gameboard.
Give each player a set of matching tokens.
In a four player game, each player sets 10 tokens aside before starting.
The youngest player goes first.

On your turn, you must declare a word. The word that you declare must be no more than 13 letters long and it cannot have already been declared during the game. After you declare the word, spell out your word by laying one token per row top to bottom on the corresponding space for each letter of the word.

So, for example, if you declare the word 'absorbency', you would place a token on the 'a-b' space of one row, a second token on the 'a-b' space of the row below it, a token on the 's-t' space on the row below that... and so on until you spell the whole word. See Diagram.

You may beginning on any row along your direction (top-to-bottom from your perspective sitting on one side of the board) as long as you can spell the whole word on the board. You may not use words greater than 13 or start a word on a row which cannot be completely spelled out by the bottom most row (from your perspective).

If during the placement of tokens, your token is placed on a spot that is already occupied by another token, remove the occupying token and return it to the hand of the player who owns it. Then your turn is over and it is the next players turn.

You win if all your tokens are on the board. You must be able to spell out your final word using precisely the tokens you have left.

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