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SimCity plus Yahtzee?

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Hi All!

Has anyone ever come across a game that combines the city-building aspects of something like SimCity or Catan (or any similar construction and building-up theme) with the Yahtzee dice rolling mechanic where you roll multiple dice X times and keep the ones you want between each roll?

I'm thinking along the lines of having all the players developing a city, but the buildings (or portions of buildings) you can build depend on what you roll.

Some buildings may only need 2 dice with the correct side (Storage Containers, General Stores, etc.) while others may need all 5 dice on the correct side (Amusement Parks, Stadiums, etc.).

The only thing close I know of is Roll Through the Ages, but that's focused more on resources and workers.

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The idea that you roll to gather resources, then choose buildings to construct is in a few games. But considering your idea, I'd say Kingsburg is similar but still focuses on resource gathering. Players build up their town after gathering resources through dice rolling.

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