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Simulating Simultaneous Movement

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Hello, all! I'm new to the forums, and I thought someone might give me some input on a game idea I've been toying around with.

I've been in the rough outline stages of designing a board game that simulates a one-on-one fight. Each player would control a piece representing their character, which would consitently move around the field (terrain that could be changed from match to match). Most attacks would be made using cards that detail the range, power, etc. of that particular attack. I'm still trying to out exactly how the battle system works, but the idea is to mimic an all-out battle between two super-powered characters (so attacks wouldn't just be punches and kicks, but also shooting projectiles, etc) , consistently moving around and using the terrain to their advantage.

The problem I've come across is that, given the fact that this is a board game, I can't seem to escape turn-based combat, which I'm really trying to veer away from. I realize a board game will necessitate a certain degree of turn-based gameplay, but I dont want a game where the first character stands still while the other beats up on him, until the player turn switches. I would like to somehow simulate a way two characters could be active at the same time, where if player one is running up to attack player two directly, player two will see this coming, and can run away, either to an area where he might have the advantage, or maybe just to bide time.

I've never really gotten the chance to play any board/fighting games, so I don't know if this is a common problem or if there are ways to "cheat" it (i.e. make a turn-based game FEEL like its real-time).

Does anyone have any ideas on fighting game mechanics where movement is so central to the game concept? Or has anyone played any games that have dealt with this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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the deadlands board game has

the deadlands board game has a way to solve this. each player has a hidden personal board and each player sets up their moves for the turn only knowing what is currently on the shown board. when all players have their own hidden board set up, they reveal, move the pieces on the board and continue attacks based off the new positions.

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another way would be have

another way would be have phases in action.

Characters move - ie both move
Character Actions - both act

the critical thing here is when action resolution effect takes place, typically with simultaneous action effect happens after all actions are resolved.

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what about a dice roll?

How about if the opponent player declares to charge into close combat with the defender, make the defender decide whether to meet him in cc or have him roll an "initiative" check under his initiative he gets away over his initiative doesn't see it in time and is stuck in cc.

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Thanks for the ideas! The

Thanks for the ideas!

The Deadlands mechanic is interesting, I may look into it further. I saw a few different varieties of Deadlands on boardgamegeek (and I’m not sure they’re even all affiliated with each other), which one would be the one to look at?

The initiative check is similar to one possibility I was thinking about, where gameplay was based on an “action-reaction” mechanic. With this mechanic, one player would be the attacker (who has first crack at initiating moves) and one the defender (who focuses mainly on defending against or evading those moves), and it would stay this way until something specific happens, such as a parry, which switches the roles.

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Use cards that are simultaneously revealed. There are many examples of simultaneous combat card games.

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Play some first

I recomend you play some H2H combat games first. JR was looking for playtesters here for his Coliseum: Gladiators game that features a simultaneous attack mechanic. He combines a dice for your combat strance with a dice for you attack speed, plus cards for your special moves, in a really intuitive way. I've tested it and is pretty good so you'll be gaining a neat experience on the type.


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Im working on an boardgame

Im working on an boardgame attempting to capture RTS elements and came across the same problem but what i did was use cards like bielie said. A player gets say 5 command cards to play per turn, in his hand he might have 10 command cards: 5 move, 3 attack, and 2 genereal/misc. Players choose 5 out of those 10 at the start of their turn and place them face down, when all players have chosen cards they get revealed. In this way the players are stuck using their chosen cards. Just an idea that might give you an idea. Cheers!

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bielie wrote:Use cards that

bielie wrote:
Use cards that are simultaneously revealed. There are many examples of simultaneous combat card games.

Rage (werewolves) the old card game uses this mechanics you may want to look into this as well. There is even a buff aspect (not playing a card) that adds extra fun to it.

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Wow, thanks for all the

Wow, thanks for all the feedback! I like the idea of deciding actions beforehand and then having them simultaneously executed, and I’m curious how a game like Deadlands plans actual exact piece movement ahead of time(if it does at all). I’m still trying to figure out exactly how my scenario above might work best, where player one is running towards player two from a distance, player two sees this, and can prepare (or run away himself). I’m going to look into some of the card games mentioned as a start.

The Gladiator game looks really neat, and I’ll look into playtesting that, thanks! In general, I think I need to find some board/fighting games, especially ones that involve a board that you move around on, to experience different ways gameplay is handled. If anyone knows of any other games in this catagory, I’d love to know what they are.
Thanks for all the advice!

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simultaneous movement

You might try something like simultaneously revealed cards, but allow players to play cards face up if they are in the currently stronger position, say mark them as Instigator, or Control.

Both players play face down, unless that player chooses to play face up for a stronger attack, in which case the other player is able to respond face up _after_ that card is shown.

You could then have some moves which rather than doing damage, are just to get you into the position of power, adding more strategy.

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