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Simultaneous Multi-Item Auctions

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So, innuendo and I are currently designing a card game about drug trafficking.

As part of the game, we need a mechanism through which available drug deals each round are divided up between the players. At the moment, it is not really relevant how either the cards which represent the drug deals or the cards which are used to bid for the drug deals come to the auction. But, there will be multiple drug deals available each round and players will have multiple cards with which to compete for them. The challenge in constructing this auction comes from the fact that some cards used to bid in the auction need to be able to intercept (and cancel) other player's bids.

To my knowledge, only B5CCG has a similar mechanism. But, I thought I'd open it up to the list to see if collective wisdom can point me to examples of simultaneous multi-item auctions in the Euro fair which might be adapted to what we need. Any ideas?

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I think I heard something

I think I heard something about cards interfering with auctions in Amun-Re.
I have a link here that might be interresting :
BGWS 066 – Simultaneous Auction games
I hope it helps...

( and the video features Cyclades, one of my favourite games ^^ )

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