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Sneek Ups; need movement ideas

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Have you ever played a game as a child where you sneek your house, usually with a friend, and try to touch an adult without being noticed? Well I'm attempting to make it into a board game, and have ran into a wall.

The board is a grid of a house set up. The game consisits of rounds of players playing 3 movement cards (left, right, up, down); the players move, then random movement cards are drawn for the adults. If a player passes through an adults line of sight then they lose a life, and must start over.

The problem I am running into lies in the adult movement. It is rather cumberson to move 3-5 different adults using the movement cards. Is there a better way to control their movement? I especially am looking for a way to control the adults on the board who are not the targets, as they will affect game play, but not as much as the targets. The game is still in the prelimanary stages, any ideas would be useful.

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In my family. . .

we played a variation of this game:

The adults were ones who had to sneak around and touch us without being noticed!


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Roll of a die?

Every so many turns a 6 sided die is rolled. That tells which direction the adult will move. Since most people so no move backwards and to their left/right at the same time take those out. 1 (forward left) 2 Forward , 3 Forward right, 4 face left, five face right, and six turn around. Thoughts? If line of sight is the key this could randomize well.

When I was a kid we snuck around town trying not to cast a shadow, that was really fun :)

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Instead of giving the adults

Instead of giving the adults a direction or a random movement, give them a "mission". For example, mom is going to do the laundry. So mom's mission is to go to the laundry room via the most direct route. When she gets to the laundry room a new "mission card" or "chore card" or "destination card" is drawn for mom....and then off she goes. Same goes for Dad, Uncle Larry, Grandpa, and the Nanny.

Look Dad's off to the garage...the Nanny's in the pantry...and grandpa's headed for the liquor cabinet again!

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System actions and downtime

Are the players competing or cooperating? In the first case you could get the other players to perform the movement.
This would get rid of 'system movement' (which will probably take on the size of a feature) and with that also decrease downtime for other players when it's not 'their turn'.

What is your target audience, if I may ask?

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I'm not making this game as a

I'm not making this game as a childs game, but I still want to keep it simple (ages 8 and up).

The players are both competing and cooperating. Each player wants to tag the most adults, but also doesn't want the children's plotting to be discovered.

Using a die roll with set results is probably a little better option than the cards, but I think players would have a hard time remembering what the number they rolled means.

I like the idea of giving each adult a mission, it eliminates the need to randomize their movement every single round. The downside I see is that it may actually complicate the game, as the players forget where each adult is supposed to be headed, having to look at the card each round. Is their a way to make it so the adults aren't always moving, such as they are sitting at the computer? Also I don't want the adults to be too predictable.

Thanks for the ideas.

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How about a combination of

How about a combination of mission cards and dice rolls? A card for mom is drawn and she goes to the computer room. When she reaches the destination, a dice is rolled at the beginning of each turn. If 5 or 6 is rolled another mission is drawn, otherwise she stays there. Each mission could have a different dice value showing if it's completed or not.

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