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Strategy in a racing game - quantitative cards mechanic

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T hardy
Joined: 11/09/2013

Hello, this was the mechanic I thought of on creating my game for the 18 card microgame contest currently going on on BGG.

Before i explain this mechanic, let me just introduce you to the game a bit. The game I am going to use this mechanic for is a competitive bike racing game for 2 players. Racers play on a race circuit made up of 6 "track cards". Each track card has the distance it stretches for printed on it. Players use a mechanic to cover certain distances per turn and they move on to the next track card when they exceed the previous track card's distance. The racer to cover all 6 track cards and complete the circuit first wins.

On to the mechanic:
Each player gets three stamina cards at the beginning of the game. The mechanic involves three sections of the table - hand, energy pool and discard pile.

when a racer has to move, he places any of his three stamina cards from his hand into the energy pool. He then shifts a gear on his gear card. The distance he moves in that turn is calculated according to the combination of the gear he is on and the stamina used. The more stamina you use, the more distance you cover in that turn.

But the more stamina you use this turn, you lose stamina for the next turn.

WHEN USING 3 STAMINA: you lose two stamina cards and place them in the discard pile after your turn.
WHEN USING 2 STAMINA: you lose one stamina card every alternate turn if you continue using the same stamina.
WHEN USING 1 STAMINA: you get one stamina card from the discard pile every alternate turn if you continue using the same stamina.
WHEN USING 0 STAMINA: you get two stamina cards from the discard pile after your turn.

Once placed in the energy pool, you can' t take stamina back in your hand. Instead, you may chose to voluntarily discard it to get it back later.

What do you think this mechanic lacks/gets right? what is your view on using cards merely as quantity? Any glitch or error you spot in the mechanic?

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