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TCG game with more than 2 players?

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Are there any deckbuilding games out there that removed the generic 1v1 card-battling?

Like a 4 player game where each person is against each other, if there is any could you list them? also, a bonus if player position on the table matters like my cards will affect someone on the left or something like that

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Yes, there are quite a few.

Yes, there are quite a few. Do a search on boardgamegeek for example (Dominion etc.).

I think the problem with 3+ players is:

A. You have to bring that many players to the table (its easier to find one player, two is not so easy, three even harder...)

B. Those games tend to be fun only if you have the right amount of players (The old Babylon 5 CCG was absolutely great, but it was only fun with 4+ players, not so much with just 2...)

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Deck-Building vs. Deck-Construction

jedite1000 wrote:
Are there any deckbuilding games out there that removed the generic 1v1 card-battling?

You have to be careful about "terminology". Deck-Building and Deck-Construction are two different concepts. Deck-Building is done DURING a game, Deck-Construction is done BEFORE a game (off-line).

So are you talking about Deck-Building (if so Dominion is one example another is my own TradeWorlds ( It can accommodate from 1 to 4 players. In future expansions (if they are designed), I am hoping to take the limit to 6 players! I also have the idea for a Board to put miniatures to good use too... I have three (3) different expansion ideas to build upon the "core" product.

If you are talking about Deck-Construction, I believe Duel Masters can allow for 2 or 4 players. In addition my own Crystal Heroes (no link available at this time) will allow 2 or 4 players too. It too allows for off-line (out of game) Deck-Construction and has similar constraints with more players, with the exception that the game takes more time to play. Also you can play Teams in Pokemon TCG or many players in Magic: the Gathering Drafts.

I'm sorry if I could NOT list a bunch of games. Only some examples. Most TCGs or CCGs are two-player oriented. But some do branch out as per the examples that I have provided.

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Multiplayer against its will

Magic: The Gathering was designed as a 1v1 game, but people started making up house rules to allow multiplayer matches, and the game text now explicitly says things like "target player" instead of "opponent."

That said, it works way better as a 1v1 game because you never get a sense of unfairly targeting someone or ganging up.

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Title vs description

Based on your title, deck construction seems to be what you intended. Magic obviously the most well known. But most TCGs I am aware of can handle more than 2 in some form or fashion. Since I am more familiar with magic, I will list some of the different game formats:

Standard - 60+ card constructed deck, no more than 4 of any card except basic land (and if you care to play by tournament rules, no more than 1 copy of restricted cards and no banned cards). 2+ players (though more than 4 gets to be drawn out). At 4 or more you can opt to use attack and spell range limits, but not typically done in this format.

Commander (formerly known as EDH before Wizards picked up on the popularity) - 100 card constructed deck plus 1 commander (a legendary creature or plainswalker that specifically states can be used as a commander), no more than 1 of any card except basic land. Cards in the deck can only utilize mana of the commanders colors for casting or abilities. Typically 4 players, but really 2+. Again, you can apply attack and spell range limits, but not typical.

Brawl - Just like Commander, but a 60 card deck.

Teams - Standard, but with your teammate sitting across from you or in alternating turns. Must eliminate all other teams' players. Minimum 4 players, but can use any number of players divisible by whole numbers.
4 players - 2 teams of 2
6 players - 3 teams of 2 or 2 teams of 3
8 players - 4 teams of 2 or 2 teams of 4
9 players - 3 teams of 3
and so on. This is the first where attack and spell range come in. I think it's fun to implement when there are 2 teams only (that way you can still help your allies. When you have 8+ players and more than 2 teams, It makes the game go more quickly to have teams take their turn simultaneously.

Two-Headed Giant - Teams of 2 players sitting together and taking their turn simultaneously. Start with a shared 30 life per team. Player targeting spells have to target 1 head. And there are special rules about cards that alter life totals by ways other than fixed amount of damage or a fixed amount of life loss/gain. Number of players can be any multiple of 2 that is 4 or greater. Kill either head, the team loses or the standard 0 life. (One of my personal favorites as it generally plays faster than regular teams).

Emperor - Teams of 3 sitting together, standard decks. The middle per team is the emperor with 20 life and the other two start with 15 life. When the emperor dies the team losses. Attack and spell range limits used.

Kill your neighbor - Standard, but you only have to kill the player on either side of you to win. Attack and spell range limits typically used, but not required. This is typically used for the 5+ player games.

If you did mean deck building, Ascension is another to look into. Not super familiar with it, but I know you can add players by adding another copy of the base game and/or certain expansions.

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Rune Age is my favorite PvP

Rune Age is my favorite PvP deck building game. Else look at this thread that I made many years ago:

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