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A technology system for Starcraft Lite

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In order to make the variant closer to the video game, I should change the
technology system. In fact, I don't find my current technology system very
elegant right now.

In the previous system I did not want technology to change stats. Because else
other players would constantly need to check their opponent's sheet to know what
upgrade they have and see if they can actually win. So to prevent this the stat
stayed the same so that they can be easier to memorise.

Now with my new idea of teaming units together to kill a stronger unit, there is
a possibility that I don't use dices in the combat resolution. But if you know
in advance how much damage you will deal, it's a bit boring, you will never take
risk and it force the players to calculate before attacking (which takes time). This I why I added
dices for a certain element of surprise.

Now, I am thiking in using a mechanic from another of my design. Technology
would be located on cards. They all have the same price and some boost stats.
The idea is the cards stay hidden and you only reveal the cards you need during
the battle. The cards are reusable. So it brings a certain level of uncertainity
because you don't know which technology your opponent has been developping, but
after a battle, even if it's not yours, the information is revealed.

So I am not sure if I should use a mechanic like this. In the other game I got
the inspiration from, for each battle you selected a set of technologies that
you will be using for this battle only. But you could change your tech
configuration for the next battle. The idea is that the technologies has some
sort of Rock-Paper-Scisor relationship. While in starcraft, it's just power up,
so there is no reason for not to take a technology card you have.

I have just tought that maybe I could roll for technology making them more or
less efficient.

Anyways, any comments?

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Yes, I have a comment

That is what I didn't like about the recent Starcraft board game, it was not even close to being a reminiscent of the old video game! A lite version of it would be very cool, and I think it could become very popular especially with the up-coming release of the Starcraft sequel(which I am looking forward too).

If all of your cards very revealed at the start of a battle, your opponent would be able to see what technologies you have been hoarding, but what if you have some cards that are not technologies, but are special action cards? Maybe players would secretly choose which technology cards to bring up in the battle so you could save some for later, like the deadly battlecruiser's "yamato gun" or the Zerg's ever-evolving burrowing ability.

To add some decisions to the mix, each card would be split between a technology and a special action. So, if the limit of cards in your hand is x, then you will have to choose between nice technologies, or nice actions. It's your choice... To build the ultimate empire, players would be able to discard their unwanted cards and draw new ones so they can filter out the technologies they don't want, and the actions they would rather not use.

Anyway, just an idea. I hope I can hear more in depth your ideas for military conflict in this battle-torn galaxy-conquering game.

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Joined: 07/28/2008
I am already planning the

I am already planning the expansion in my variant. Most stuff I would use are new units, special bases, pthe possibility to stack ressource and maybe the heroes.

Maybe players would secretly choose which technology cards to bring up in the battle so you could save some for later, like the deadly battlecruiser's "yamato gun" or the Zerg's ever-evolving burrowing ability.

Of course, you are allowed not to reveal some of your cards, and you only reveal the cards of the units in the battle. But still after a few battles people will know what you have.

A lite version of it would be very cool

By the way, in case you don't know, version 1.1 is already available.

But I am still planning some changes so it's not perfect yet. I also made some errors, for example ultralisk need an hive to be produced. Since I started to play the video game, I am now adapting my variant to the video game. For example: cloaking without detector truly makes you invincible. Which leads me to changing how the technology works compared to the variant above.

Instead of upgrading completely a unit, a technology would help 1 or more units. I am still not sure if 1 crystal/1 gas would be too much for a technology. An armor upgrade that target 3 unit might not, but a tech like metabolic boost which only helps 1 units is different. Unless I combine some technologies.

Anyways, still meditating.

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