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Time and actions abstraction in wargame turns -resources or tools to develop

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I AM At the very beginning of designing a skirmish Wargame Of around 5-10 models per side and I to want find perspectives of how time is and has been represented in turn based war games.
I am debating with myself;
1. how many actions to allow per model , per turn, I want it to be varied for each character /model because I know some models are faster than others at actions.
For example in the Games Workshop game Inquisitor a turn is 10 seconds, and in D&D 3.5 a combat round is 6 seconds.
Does anyone have any perspectives or examples of rules I can look at to learn More about representing time + actions?
2.Another Consideration is the sequence of time + actions.
One thing I thought of is Whether players could elect to have a 'fighting' action whilst other models could be doing movement. After all theoretically if the models are looked in Combat and the fight takes place in the same 'time space' as other Models moving then this could happen. But often rules have a separate 'combat' and ' Movement' phase. I would like players to have the opportunity to fight with an action / and also for the opposing players model to fight back.
Again, does any one have any perspectives of how to design for this?
Could I perhaps list the actions In a time line In the order they may occur, and also how long they are likely to take.
Just for extra info, the game background is based in the present day.

john smith
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Everybody hates math but it

Everybody hates math but it is still the easiest and most accurate way to do things.

Normal marching cadence is 120 steps per minute. That equals 3.4 miles per hour or a 17.64-minute mile. Double Time is essentially a jog that uses a cadence of 180 steps per minute. That equals 5.1 miles per hour or a 11.76-minute mile.

That's parade ground. Full pack route step dragging your caboose is a bit longer.

The Fastest man with a gun is Bob Munden. He can hit targets 8 feet apart in a 10th of second. Nobody else is Bob, and Bob gets to draw for fun. Folks in combat are bit more on edge, give them second or two minimum.

D20 does a good job of keeping things simple by not giving an absurdly long turn times like allot of Wargames have done.

Shooting and Moving markers will do good for number 2.

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Lately I see certain people

Lately I see certain people dig up very old topics.

What is the point?

Some of the initial starters dissapeared without a trace too.

john smith
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I am replying to things I

I am replying to things I find of interest through the search. *shrugs* just sparking conversation.

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Well, the topic is good enough to respond too.

Although, starting a new topic with a more general question would fuel more responses, I think.

Following on your comment.

Originally, I went with trying to stick close to reality with my movement and range.
But a game is always different. Also due to balance issue's or designs. I went with what is close to reality. But often, I deranged a lot.

Seeing as how 2 fields equaled 200 meters. A grenadier was able to throw 1 range, thus 100 meters? That made no sense for reality. But it does for the game balance and fun.

These days, I don't spend time on trying to designs something realistic. I rather have it a bit more abstract. As a none abstract person, I actually find it easier now to design.

john smith
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The website I showed makes it

The website I showed makes it real easy for me. I Input the speed of vehicle and I get the maximum distance it can move in time of turn.

I programed the three formulas shown on that website into an Excel workbook. I use it for all my games as a tool to make movement rates, and how many turns an action may take.

The workbook can do same for ranges of weapons. So if I make a Civil War game all I need is a good reference volume on the arms used and I can make quick and accurate ranges for the game. Its a real time saver for me.

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