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Time Track Games

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I am designing a game using a time track. I know that mechanic is not unique. Does anyone know of any time track games. I want to read how they are using to try to differentiate my game from them. I know Thebes and Samara use it. Any others?

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Red November
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I came here to suggest Red

I came here to suggest Red November as well. I really like the way they use the track to determine turn order, etc. I also enjoy the bidding mechanic for how much time to spend on an action.

I've never played the two that you mention, so I can't comment there.

Another game that comes to mind is Battlestar Galactica. Though not a true time track, the jump track has a similar effect. You are waiting for the track to fill before you can escape (most of) the dangers in your sector.

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Tokaido has an interesting

Tokaido has an interesting time track as well.

as the players last on the track goes first, but scoring is also tied to the track and how much you want something before another player. Getting first to a set point, gives you benefits, but you risk giving up opportunities to score in the late game.

It's quite cool.

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