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Too many cards vs not enough?

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I am currently developing an abstract war game based on the current conflict in Syria. The game is card driven. I have only played one card driven game: Twilight Struggle. Because my experience in this area is so lite, I was hoping some of you may have the answer I seek. But first, a few facts about how the cards work:

Each card possesses three attributes: an operational value, an influence value, and a special option.

1. The operational value ranges from 1 to 3, with only one card possessing an operational value of 4.
2. The influence value ranges from 1 to 3.
3. The special option value can be used in lieu of spending operational value and influence value.

A. Operational value can be spent to either modify one unit's...
a. Attack Strength
b. Defense Strength
c. Movement

B. Influence is used to increase a player's influence in a region or decrease an enemy's influence in a region.

C. The special value of a card will be used to modify certain cards, add tanks or bases, and have a broader but not overbearing effect on certain tokens.

Also note, there are only 4 types of tokens in the game:

military token: abstract representation of a military presence in a district. (Operational Value affects these units)
influence token: represent influence strength in a district. (Influence Value affects these units)
tank token: represents a tank in a district and performs a special function with a special modifier (OP value affects
these units).
base token: represents a base of operations in a district and performs a special function with a special modifier for
adjacent units. (No value can affect these units)


Should I design a single deck from which both players draw from?
Should I design two separate, slightly asymmetrical decks from which each player draws from his own?

How many cards is too many/not enough cards?

How do I find out before printing off 100 cards that I printed 48 cards too many?

It should be noted that this/these decks of cards will not be used as a timer in the game (ie, the decks can be reshuffled and drawn from again, and as often, if necessary).

Any one have any experience with this?

Thanks a ton in advanced.

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