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totally new mechanics for TCG

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I watched the video, and from

I watched the video, and from a gamer standpoint, it didn't look like it'd be that much fun to play. P3ERK Is really just a needless card to form an almost random outcome. I say almost random because if you know what the blocks on the backs of the game cards are, with a little bit of thinking, you can punch out your P3ERk card to give yourself some of the more favorable outcomes. And once a P3ERK card is used for a particular game card once, it's always going to have the same 6 possible outcomes.

There's no strategy. No thinking ahead. You can't really choose anything that happens in the game. It can be applied to any theme imaginable, which works against the P3ERK system cause it gives the games theme's no meaning what so ever. It's Candy Land with playing cards.

In 2 minutes I could write outcomes on the backs of cards, which let's say goes with a similar football theme as your video. I write tackled, touchdown, first down, loss of 5 yards, late hit, qb bodyslam, punch the ref in his stupid face, etc... Shuffle them, lay them out 6 at a time, roll a die, and flip over the card that corresponds to the die roll. BOOM! I have a football game that's more random then the P3ERK system and has the same lack of strategy and lack of choice in what happens as your P3ERK system.

It also sorta reminds me of this game...

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So do we have

So do we have consensus---possible troll sighted, bail out and maintain radio silence?

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video to come of the game being played

a video is being made pf the game, in which i think it answers alot of the questions being talked about on the board. i have patiently looked at everyones comments and have considered all the valid concerns. i think before anyone says anything else i should remind them of 2 things.
1. the game is geared towards 10 year old boys and girls in theme.
2. the p3erc sole function in the game is that based on your predestination (by punching the card at the begining in essence become the card.- your destiny for the game is cut out.
this predestination does only one thing..renders good cards useless sometimes and makes bad cards strong. game play and stratey, then needs to be adjusted to during game play. its a randomizer..for example if you play a tom brady card...he might be very strong..but based on my p3erc he might not play strong in todays game. p3erc is a disposable component that comes in packs of cards. also a game consists of many cards that play but my p3erc and my oppnents stays constant through out the game. another point is that the card is also oriented 4 different ways that the player controls. during game play i hope this answers some of tje questions that have been asked..until then when the video is up maybe you guys can have a look and see
3, there is a board involved as well, where time outs can be called players can be switched the orientation of the P3ERC can be changed to "screw your opponent" injuries can cause players to come off the bench..
4. if you memorized the tom brady card and knew exactly what holes to punch to make tom brady the best have to face the die. and then what if i make you reorient your card due to a penalty.. and even can only play tom brady once. then your card is still the same. now it has to work on gronkowski... will it?
5. some games dont use a die at all... the card on card takes on a rock paper scissors type of scenario where a card is presented and the random orientation of the P3ERC is the player control.

I do thank everyone for their valuable input...
i hope this answers some questions until the video comes out. It just seemed that some people were going to hurt their heads thinking of possibilities that are not part of the game. since so many people are actually putting alot of thought into this.. i just figured its better getting that help where it actually applies. thanks again to those that are really listening.
6. just thought of another scenario so i thought i would add it...lets say that you had enough money to buy all the cards in a set ever printed, and could formulate an absolute dream team. it wouldnt always win because technically the P3ERC could have isolated all the worst possible positive choices and knock the effectiveness down least for that game...anyway just an aftert hought

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you seem to update your last

nice idea - but not worth 63 replies

PS: I dislike disposable components in any kind of game

Galaxy Zento
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Well P3ER, as you can see,

Well P3ER, as you can see, yes, I have an account here as well. I am still having a really hard time taking you seriously, but I did watch your video and I have read your last response here. I've been looking into your brand and taking careful consideration of your answers.

Why it's hard for me to take you seriously: You cuss and swear at people, you took an elitist attitude toward them (like claiming you were there to separate the wheat from the chaff of people you want to share your game idea with) and showed absolutely no respect while demonstrating a hair trigger temper with everyone on the page. But I'm going to move past that and your response here, well, lets see what happens when I give you my real views on what you are doing. Perhaps you can transcend your current history on answering questions.

About your product:

I've watched your video twice. I realize it's a toss together but it's tedious to follow and needs to be redone.

I don't understand the purpose of your system at all. Is it to make everyday trading cards into gaming cards? If so, are you going to be using trademarked names like you did in the video?

You need to use serious caution here. While you state you make no claim to other copyrighted material, that claim will protect you about as much as thin air. You show "playing people by name" and those names are trademarked or protected by very similar order. Your description suggests such a high risk of infringement that it's not even funny.

As for the punch cards. A trading card game or collectible card game, depends on reusable cards. The problem I see with your punch out cards is that, once used, you can't get the same effect from them again. They're used. They're done. Time to buy new cards. This is like having to go buy new lands for your magic deck for every single game you play. Sure, I suppose you could use the punched out card as is, but you don't get the full effect of your system doing that now do you?

I get the idea that your system is being applied to "several games"? Why not fully develop one game and show us from that? It would be better than clogging us up with tons of cross information.

Tip: If adult designers can't figure out what you are doing, 10 year old players will be totally lost.

On your game for autistic students: I just want to know one thing. Are you claiming that you can get non-verbal children with autism to start talking?

While we're on that, what is your background on autism? What is your background on child education?

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thank you for your respose zento

thank you for your kind response. i imagine some of your questions are going to be answered by the game play video. some of your reply is opinion, which i respect but i am sorting through opinions. (everyone has a different one) as for your concern about ten year olds they have directions to the fully developed football and baseball versions we will be playing . as for autism claims i have made none, other than i have a game thats being tested and shows promise with children learning to express words or feelings with the cards and then vocalizing the way not only autistic but all children that learn differently should be helped. however since that game is not ready for market, i dont speak much about it. i mentioned that game at BGG and shortly after my account got nuked.. i guess they didnt like it. my background with autism is really not anyones business. (sorry but the amount of love ive been shown by most, make me shudder at what some of the posts coming back at me are going to look like) anyhow to answer your specific question... its being tested by a teacher that holds a degree in special ed, on children that jave started to make sounds or are trying to comunicate differently than speaking. in addition, i dont think i have cussed at anyone in specific..i think i said some people on here are (full of s--t) and i did use the full word, and i still stand by that statement. however if it does not apply to you..dont take it personally. (i in turn have been called all kinds of things and had an account deleted because of what i may have said or not said) my wheat from chaff statement still holds true..if you are helpful (you are wheat) if you are posting videos of russion songers, ibm key punch machines, pictures of crying kids with square wheels. after a post.. (you are chaff) . thats not elitist..but i will listen to reason and help, and if ypu are still just being mean, well grow up, i already appologized and said i was having fun with some of the negative responses i had recieved. i actually tried to post an appology on BGG as well bit never got the chance..and now im glad i can follow Elksobolds link above to see all tje responses and how tuff they are when you cant respond. (i actually read the posts there and have answered here any valid concerns that have been posted. as far as infringment goes, the use of liknesses in the video are to show versatility in the game ideas. not that there is any specific intrest in my part. any how hope this helps galaxy..

Galaxy Zento
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OI, wall of text makes my

OI, wall of text makes my eyes hurt. Yet, NOW we're getting somewhere (believe it or not).

Let me just give you a rule of thumb on comments you don't like about your system. Don't ever respond to them again. Okay? Especially if you feel that you need to swear. Look at it like this. When you started swearing on that account (in the manner that you did) it was like tossing a hand grenade into a crowded room. For everyone you hit, you created a self image with the person next to them. It's a negative impact that can never serve you. But as I said, in trying to really understand you, I'm moving past the event. Now for the rest of what you said.

Autism: I didn't say you make "autism claims" but your answer is very interesting to me. Look, I've been an advocate for autism education for many years (almost 11) and if you DO have a background in autism, I would be very interested in hearing about it. If you don't want to speak about it in a public forum, I would be willing to discuss off forum. You see, my son and I both have Asperger's syndrome. Not only do I live with some scales of social blindness (that I have had to live through hell in my youth) but I'm working on helping my son to get ahead of his own. Hope that helps you understand where I'm coming from.

You said that your video is only to show the versatility of your design. That's fine. I'm sure you are currently operating at a very grass roots level and just scrapping things together to demonstrate. It's just very very important that you are very clear about the use of any likenesses (ridiculously so) in order for your own protection.

So, let me try to understand. You've developed a system that you intend to put into sports and fantasy style card games. Is that it?

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yes galaxy

thank you galaxy z. (i am smiling) i will heed your advice..i got really angry on bgg. some one made fun of the syllablization when i was explaining my game. (if youve ever seen a child trying desperatly to say something and they cant ..not because they dont understand bit because there brain is shooting off a different signal..its not fumny.. not even to try to make fun of someones idea)
as a child i grew up with a LD. it was not fun to deal with and i felt isolated but in my mind i was like everyone else. as i grew up i was able to overcome it to a great degree (minus a hairpin trigger) this intrests me becausw i realized not everyone learns the same. i for example see colors and numbers dofferent from others. i see incredible paterns and combinations that normally you have to do complx math to understand. alot of times i still cant explain wht im seeing...but if you play poker or chess against me most are at a disadvantage. yet i habe trouble communicating with my wife sometimes. i had thought off joining a board like this before to share ideas...but its just...jklmf jklmf. if you notice (i have no facebook,twitter or anything else...there is a reason for that )
any how if you are interested in "speechy king" that the name of the game. i am willing to share privately and discuss is in development and i change it based on tje weeks feedback of progress. in the meantime..i am just trying to get feedback on football and baseball.. (i really dont care if anyone will play it.... i dont care if people will cheat at it... i dont care if it ever sells at a big store or if people play it in tournaments.) i care that someone else see what i see.. if you havent gotten that the card and algorithm (work together) by now.. i dont know how else to ex plain it. maybe im just trying to find understanding of my system in the wrong place. everyone seems concerned about the P3ERC like someone obsessing about a fork at dinner....the whole meal is before you but you just cant get passed that fork. hope this helps Galaxy and i thank you for stepping up... (you are wheat)

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I think his "randomization" has potential

If instead of being DIRECT results in the randomization patterns, it was ONLY NUMBERS, one could create "Playbooks" for each team. This is sort of like REAL Football where the Offensive Coach calls Play #100 and the Defensive Coach calls Play #25.

Each "Playbook" could have a DIFFERENT outcome based on the TEAM.

Moreover if you can AT SOME POINT, he can negotiate a licensing agreement (or Deal), with some card company... It would be possible to have "Playbooks" for actual NFL Teams!

So you can play your favorite team.

I'm more interested in understanding HOW the randomization patterns are used to actually PLAY the game.

I had a similar idea (not p3erc) but using "Hockey Cards" to play a game. This would have boosted the sales of Hockey cards. With the P3ERC system, he brings back the wanting to collect all players on a team in order to play a game together.

Just from that perspective, I think the ideas is GENIUS... Being able to use standard collectible cards and form a team and play some kind of game is what I think ALL KIDS would want!

So thumbs way up high for this idea.

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Thank you!

my eyes just watered.... nuff said ( to every one else....what quest said X 10)

Galaxy Zento
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There is a lot to be said for

There is a lot to be said for point of view.

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Window of "opportunity"! :P

I had another comment about the p3erc card. Given that one square (legacy mechanic) is pierced per row (call it our window), when you use the card it gives you (let's assume) Window #1 (let's also assume 6 windows per row).

IF you FLIP that card, that means you can have Window #1 and flipped, Window #6. For Windows #2 and #5 (interchangeable), so are #3 and #4.

This fundamentally means you have two (2) choices per row: one regular and one flipped (inverted).

Again if you have three (3) offensive plays and three (3) defensive plays, that means you have six plays one card can do.

Moreover if you ADD "Field Position" into three categories such as Offensive, Neutral or Defensive Zones that adds 6 plays x 3 zones = 18 plays...

Now if SOMEHOW your OTHER cards involved in the play can MULTIPLY the ODDS, well then I say we have an interesting game. Not sure how - I would prefer to see the current method of play - before adding ideas to the pot.

So it's random - but not exactly. There's quite a bit of strategy involved in choosing the right play and then mixing your other cards involved in the play.

My FIRST idea would be to PLAY five (5) out of eleven (11) cards. So five (5) cards are involved in the play. Something like that. And ORDER of how the cards are played is IMPORTANT. You would get the five (5) cards from your "Playbook".

But I still want to see what p3erc gaming ideas look like... Seeing that "Playing The Game" video would help...


Note: Some of these ideas presume that you have TWO (2) lineups: one offensive and one defensive. If such is the case, you get 12 x 3 zones = 36 plays... Which suits p3erc will need to be determined.

My assumption is that according to the play, one card will get possession of the ball (in a run) or is in good position (to receive a pass). So it would have to be something like PAIRINGs or "matchups". If a card is free or "open", then the play is successful and you gain yardage.

That's how I PICTURE it working - I would need to see p3erc's version about how it works... (Playing the game).

Update: I personally would like to see different styles of defensive play like Area coverage or Man-to-Man coverage... Maybe that could switch up how the game is played.

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