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Track bids from each player on multiple items?

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I need help with some sort of bidding system for players to try to gain influence over certain parts of the land...

Here's what I got, very summed up for the sake of the question:
The map is set up with tiles, a lot like Settlers. The players will earn influence tokens throughout the game. Each token is identical on the back but has different values on the top. The game tiles might have certain benefits for the player that has influence over it. If there is a certain tile that several players want, the would bid any 1 of their influence tokens (since they are identical and everyone bids 1 token, there isn't a way to tell what they bid) then the player who bid the most gets the benefit of that tile.

Here's the problem: I want players to be able to bid on as few or as many tiles as they want in any 1 round because depending on the dynamics of the game there could be several tiles that are of interest to multiple players. This would mean that it should make sense for each player to place 1 token on each of the tiles in question, but how would you keep track of who bid what? There could be a set of color coded tokens for each player but that limits how many tokens a player could earn or there would have to be way too many tokens since you'd potentially have 6 players.

Thoughts? I hope this was clear enough to understand my dilema, but I know I didn't explain the actual game, but what matters is the basic mechanic that is needed. Thanks!

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tile marks?

Could the tiles be marked in such a way that players could play their bid in a section of the tile that is desginated for their bids? For example, if this is a 4 player (maximum) game, then each tile could have a quarter for each player and players would simply place their tokens in their quarters.

Themematically, this could be a fort, embassy, ambassador, or politician which could easily be represented by a symbol or mark on the tile in the appropriate color for the player.

Good luck with your design!

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a separate bidding mat, maybe?

I was picturing a separate grid map, perhaps 6x6, that is colour coded. You could place a coloured token on each tile up for bid, then have each player put their bids on their squares on the grid. This way you could have up to 6 tiles up for auction at one time, and up to 6 players could bid on all of them, without crowding the board with tokens.

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Have each player put a pawn

Have each player put a pawn or cube or token of their color on top of their bids.

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Tiny white boards? I dunno

Tiny white boards? I dunno how expensive that would be component's wize, but that stuff that the face of wet or dry erase boards are made of could be shrunk down to like say....1" squares and glued on chipboard with a colored border to denote player?

just a though. Definately good for a prototype, maybe not so much for a finished product. although it seems doable.

This is assuming you need the bid number to be constantly changing, and any size the players want. Tokens or chips are probably fine if less flexibility is needed.

Holly Verssen
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Secret Bid

What about a Secret Bid, where each player would secretly bid as much or as little (including nothing) as they want. Then reveal the bids to declare the winner. The winner would have to "pay" his bid, the others would keep their money to try for another bid item.

For each item, the bids could be kept secret by hiding them with their hands, or by covering their bids in some way.

Of course, over-paying for something a player REALLY wants would be common, which could take him out of the bidding rounds for a couple turns, so he would have to work that into his strategy when choosing his bid amount.

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Agree re: tokens

ender7 wrote:
Have each player put a pawn or cube or token of their color on top of their bids.


Agree. I've considered a similar system. In practice, it seems unlikely in most systems that a player will have enough resources to make a huge amount of bids at once. 3-5 tokens per player should solve your issue - a couple more if bids can persist from turn to turn.


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